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TWC Prospectus 2018_2019 Entry

TWC Prospectus 2018/2019 Entry


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  1. Students admitted to the self-financing Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the College (first year or senior year entry) would be eligible for the non-means-tested annual subsidy of HK$30,000. Details of the non-means-tested annual subsidy scheme are subject to the approval of the Legislative Council.
  2. Mainland students will NOT be admitted until formal agreement to the admission is given by the Ministry of Education of the PRC.
  3. For non-Chinese speaking students, TWC accepts the following two alternative qualifications in Chinese Language (ACL):
    • 3.1) Students obtained the minimum grade in the Chinese Language under GCE, GCSE and IGCSE
      (please click here ).
  • 3.2) Students obtained the grade “attained” in the Applied Learning Chinese [ApL(C)].


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