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Message from the Chairman of Board of Governors
Ms. Ginny Man
Chairman of TWGHs Board of Directors 2020/2021
Chairman of Board of Governors
As the Chairman of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) and the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Tung Wah College (TWC), I am glad to congratulate the College on its 10th anniversary.
As a self-financing degree-granting tertiary institution in Hong Kong, TWC has passed through its first decade since it was founded by TWGHs in 2010. Harnessing the acknowledged strengths and expertise of TWGHs in healthcare, education and social services, TWC has offered a wide range of quality programmes in medical, arts and humanities, business and management disciplines and has established its reputation in the academia. Over the past ten years, TWC has become the cradle of young talent with caring hearts. Its nursing and allied health programmes have a strong track record of nurturing professional talent and enjoy high praise by many in society.
I believe that for an academic institution, the first decade is of the utmost importance. In these ten years, TWC has developed rapidly in terms of the College’s governance, programme scopes and quality, campus expansion and facilities, etc. I believe a solid foundation has been laid for the College to achieve its strategic goal of becoming a private university.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the current and former members of the Board of Governors and the College Council, Presidents, our companions in the academia, partners, staff, alumni and students for their long-standing support and encouragement along our road of development. Our gratitude shall also go to the government and donors for their unwavering support.
Our 10th anniversary is a great cause for celebration. A series of anniversary activities will be held to mark the historic moment. I welcome all of you to join us and wish the College more glorious years ahead.

Message from the Chairman of College Council
Mrs. Viola Chan Man Yee-wai, BBS
Chairman of College Council
The 10th Anniversary of Tung Wah College (TWC) is not only a commemorative moment for us to celebrate, but also a point in time which is of special meaning to me. As the Founding Chairman of the Board of Governors and having been the Chairman of the College Council since its establishment, I have witnessed the establishment, growth and many breakthroughs of the College over the past ten years. With the staunch support from the current and the former members of the Board of Governors and the College Council, the Presidents, the academic and administrative staff, partners, alumni and students, TWC has grown rapidly and has gradually developed to become a quality self-financing post-secondary institution with a solid reputation in medical and healthcare education.
The initial years of TWC was not without challenges. However, with courage and perseverance, TWC has embarked on a unique journey with encouraging success. TWC has grown over the first decade to become a tertiary institution renowned for its quality and practical nursing and healthcare education. At the same time, TWC is committed to nurturing diverse talents to meet societal needs by offering programmes covering a wide range of disciplines such as social and business sustainability, early childhood education, applied gerontology and applied psychology. The number of programmes has increased from 2 at its founding to 16 as of the day.
The theme of TWC’s 10th anniversary is “Thrive with Knowledge · Serve with Heart”, exhibiting the College’s mission in nurturing talents who have a selfless heart to serve the needy. TWC aims high at enriching students’ lives with scholarly education, and encouraging the pursuit and exploration of academic knowledge, as well as committing to the advancement of applied research in various disciplines. By offering people-oriented high-quality professional education, we help youngsters who otherwise may be deprived of such opportunity. We hope to add value to the students’ lives by affirming them, sharpening their capabilities and enhancing their competitiveness. Through the few years of studies in the College, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become highly capable young talents with a sense of commitment to the society. We believe that students’ commitment to serving the society with a caring heart will have good impact on others’ lives and help advance the development of our society.
I take pride in the tremendous accomplishments the College has made in the past ten years. The TWC of today owes much to the concerted efforts of every member of the College and the support and recognition from all sectors of the society. Looking ahead, TWC will uphold its mission and continue to nurture young people with unique talents to serve the community and mankind. I wish the College another fruitful decade ahead.

Message from the Acting President (Academic)
Prof. Lawrence Lam Tak Ming
Acting President (Academic)
The year 2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of Tung Wah College (TWC). As the Acting President (Academic), I am honoured to lead the College to celebrate this momentous occasion. I am also glad to see the College filled with an air of festivity in recent days.
The last ten years have seen the College developed in many areas to become one of the major contributors in the self-financing tertiary education sector nowadays. We currently offer 16 degree, sub-degree, diploma and certificate programmes covering four disciplines, namely arts and humanities, medical and health sciences, management and nursing. We now have a student population of more than 2,800 and have nurtured over 2,600 graduates to serve in different sectors of society.
On the collaboration front, we have signed a number of Memoranda of Agreement or Understanding with local and overseas tertiary institutions or organisations. Our research projects succeeded in receiving funding from the Research Grants Council.
We have also made significant progress in achieving our goal of becoming a private university. We have been granted our first Programme Area Accreditation status in Occupational Therapy in April this year after completing the accreditation exercise of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. This marks our very first step taken to become a private university. Looking forward, we would continue working together to attain our goal in the coming years.
With the staunch support of various parties, the College is able to conclude its first decade with a string of successes. I would like to particularly thank my academic colleagues for their dedicated efforts. While giving out all their hearts to teaching and learning, they have provided their valuable advice and have advanced the College’s development in many areas. Their contribution is profound. They have formed TWC’s quality education nowadays.
I am also glad that a solid foundation was laid for TWC over the last decade and I wish TWC more glorious years ahead.

Message from the Acting President (Administration and Development)
Mr. Patrick Ho Ping Yu
Acting President (Administration and Development)
The 10th anniversary of Tung Wah College (TWC) marks an important milestone for us. As the Acting President (Administration and Development), I am honoured to participate in the great celebration.
After ten years of development, I am glad to see a good governance structure being established in the College. The administration units and academic schools, while having their own sets of duties and goals, work closely together in executing the College's affairs efficiently. High efficiency becomes the key to the College's success. On resource planning, we adhere to the prudent principles of financial management to ensure that resources are effectively used to support the College's mission of providing quality education.
As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary with joy and excitement, our jubilant mood is further enhanced with another good news – the opening of new Kwai Hing Campus (KHC) in Kowloon Commerce Centre, Kwai Chung. Equipped with a wide range of teaching and learning facilities, the new campus features, among others, a specially-designed nursing clinical simulation training laboratory to provide extensive clinical training close to actual working environment for our nursing students. Opening of KHC would help the College nurture more professional nurses and alleviate the shortage of nurses in the society.
As we look back to celebrate our glorious ten years, we also steer the College towards a brighter future. As the College's current 5-year strategic plan (2016/2017 - 2020/2021) will end next year, we are now conducting a public consultation exercise to collect views for drawing up the next 5-year strategic plan. We would identify the key strategic areas to work on and devote our utmost effort to achieve the goal of becoming a private university in the coming years.
I take pride in the accomplishments TWC has achieved over the past decade. I wish the College more brilliant years ahead and hold strong confidence that it would never stop from reaching new heights.

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The Chief Secretary for Administration
Secretary for Labour and Welfare
Secretary for Food and Health
Secretary for Education

Former Chairman of Board of Governors and President
Chairman of Board of Governors 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 of Tung Wah College
Vice President (Resources and Development) of The Open University of Hong Kong
President of Tung Wah College (2014-2020)

Chairman of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications
Executive Director of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications
President and University Distinguished Professor of City University of Hong Kong
President and Vice-Chancellor, Chair Professor of Computer Science of Hong Kong Baptist University
President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University
President of Lingnan University
Vice Chancellor and President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
President of The Education University of Hong Kong
President of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
President of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
President of The Open University of Hong Kong
President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong
President of Caritas Institute of Higher Education and Caritas Bianchi College of Careers
President of Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong
Chairman of Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education

Partnering Organisations
Chairman of Hospital Authority
Chief Executive of Hospital Authority
Chairman of Supplementary Medical Professions Council
Chairman of Medical Laboratory Technologists Board
Chairman of Occupational Therapists Board
Chairman of Physiotherapists Board
Chairman of Radiographers Board

TWC Students and Alumni
Ryan Lam Pok Man
Anson Leung Po Sin
Charis Tam Sheung Wai
Ng Hoi Yiu
Marcus Siu Ka Ho
Law Yeuk Lam
Arthur Li Sone Wai
Wong Tsz Ting