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Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database Help Guide
's Evidence-based Practice Database is an online resource for healthcare professionals to access up to date high-quality, reliable evidence on a wide range of clinical and policy topics at the point of care, including 4,500+ JBI Evidence Summaries, Recommended Practices and Best Practice Information Sheets.
Journal of Public Health
Journal of Public Health is an international journal for public health research and practice.
Journals@Ovid LWW Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection Help Guide
This collection provides over 80 of top nursing and health professions journals from Lippincott. 
JoVE Essentials of Analytical Chemistry Help Guide
This collection takes a broad look at quantitative analysis and instrumentation including electrochemistry, spectroscopy, chromatography, and mass spectrometry.
JoVE Essentials of Biochemistry Help Guide
This collection presents commonly used purification methods, such as affinity chromatography, as well as analytical methods, like MALDI-TOF. In addition, the videos showcase methods for accessing biomolecule interaction and function, such as co-immunoprecipitation and metabolic labeling. 
JoVE Essentials of General Chemistry Help Guide
This collection helps provide a solid foundation in general chemistry by showcasing basic lab techniques, demonstrating commonly used equipment, and exploring the theory behind fundamental methodology in chemistry.
JoVE Essentials of LabSafety Help Guide
This collection provides safety guidelines to be followed when working with hazardous materials and equipment. It covers universal topics such as PPE, electrical safety, and general emergency guidelines, as well as some specific safety procedures for chemistry and biology laboratories.
JoVE General Lab Techniques Help Guide
This collection exhibits how to use standard pieces of laboratory equipment essential in many experiements.
JSTOR Early Journal Content
JSTOR’s Early Journal Content (EJC) makes articles from hundreds of journals freely available to the public on the JSTOR platform. This includes journal content published prior to the last 95 years in the United States, or prior to the last 143 years if initially published internationally.
JSTOR Register & Read
A registered individual account enables researchers to access and read participating publisher articles online for free. 
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