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Higher Diploma in Nursing

Programme Leader: Dr. Florence Wong


The Higher Diploma in Nursing Programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications for a period from 15 October 2011 to 31 August 2014. This programme is in progress of accreditation for the 2015/16 academic year and will not be offered in the 2014/15 academic year.

Programme Overview
Higher Diploma in Nursing is to prepare students to become competent nurses to work in hospital and community settings and be eligible to register as Enrolled Nurses with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong (NCHK).

(i) Have obtained Level 2 in three HKDSE subjects including Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics and Level 2 in any two other subjects in Category A (the New Senior Secondary Core/Electives Subjects) or Category B (Applied Learning Subject); OR,

(ii) Have obtained a pass in one AL subject or passes in two AS subjects in HKALE and five passes in HKCEE including Chinese language and English Language; OR,

(iii) Have obtained a pass in one AL subject or passes in two AS subject in HKALE and three passes in HKCEE plus Level 2 for Chinese Language and English Language; OR,

(iv) Have satisfactorily completed a Pre-Associate Degree Programme; OR

(v) Have obtained an equivalent qualification.

The HD in Nursing programme requires students to successfully complete a total of 72 credits. Of the 72 credits, there are 58 credits of taught courses (33.5 credits on discipline studies, 21.5 credits on general education, and the remaining 3 credits can be a discipline studies or general education elective depending on students’ preference) and 14 credits of clinical practicum which is an integration and application of both discipline and generic knowledge. The ratio of discipline studies to general education is thus about 60% to 40%. The following table shows the year and semester arrangements of the Programme:

Year Semester Course
Year 1 Semester 1 Applied Psychology (3 credits)
Applied Sociology (3 credits)
Concepts of Health (3 credits)
Fundamentals of Nursing I (3 credits)
Communication (3 credits)
Developing English Language Skills (3 credits)
Semester 2 Applied Chinese Language (3 credits)
Human Anatomy and Physiology (3 credits)
Microbiology and Pharmacology (3 credits)
Care of Children and Adolescents (3 credits)
Creative and Critical Thinking (3 credits)
Semester 3 Fundamentals of Nursing II (3 credits)
First Clinical Practicum (4 credits)
Elective (Students will select one elective course from the list of courses available in the College
Year 2 Semester 1 Professionalism and Contemporary Nursing (3 credits)
Care of Adults (3 credits)
Care of Older Persons (3 credits)
Care of Patients with Long Term Illness(3 credits)
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care(2 credits)
Introduction to Mental Health Nursing (3 credits)
Introduction to Research and Evidence-based Practice (2 credits)
Semester 2 & 3 Second Clinical Practicum (10 credits)

Elective courses*
Healthcare related*
> Introduction to Pain Management
> Diabetic Care
> Introduction to Infection Control

General Education*
Literature and Arts
> Readings in Chinese Classical Poetry and Essays
> Interpreting Art
> Exploring Musical traditions

Reasoning and Ethics
> Ethics and Law
> Applied Statistics

Culture and Society
> Comparative Religions
> The Development of Non-profit Organization in Hong Kong
> Popular Culture and Modern Society

Science and the Environment
> Traditional Chinese Medicine
> Nutrition, Food and Disease in Global Perspective

*The list above is not exhaustive

Our graduates are eligible to become Enrolled Nurses in Hong Kong#, for which there is a high demand in the territory. They can work in clinical and community settings.

Graduates with good results may pursue baccalaureate programme in nursing leading to recognized qualification as Registered Nurse. Students can also consider articulating to other bachelor degrees such as education and management.

Programme Summary

Title of the Programme (English) Higher Diploma in Nursing
Title of the Programme (Chinese) 護理學高級文憑
Mode of Study Full-time
Duration of Programme 2 years
Credits Required for Graduation 72 credits
Funding Type Self-financed
Medium of Instruction English
Application Fee HK$200
Tuition Fee per Credit HK$2,200