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Lending Services

The library materials are purposefully selected to facilitate quality learning and teaching of all programmes offered in the College. Lending services are available at the Circulation Counter until 30 minutes before closing of the Library.
Users may borrow library materials with a valid student or staff ID card. All Library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Counter properly. There may be disciplinary action against any students who remove library materials from the Library without proper checkout or authorization.
Hold Requests
User can request loaned items from Circulation Collection via the TWC Search. An email notice will be sent to alert the user when the item is ready to be picked up from the Circulation Counter. Requested items will be released after the last pick-up date indicated in the email notice.
Books on loan to users may be “recalled” back to the Library when they are requested by other users. It may lead to a recall of the checked out items and may shorten their due date, i.e. 14 days from the date of recall. The recalled items cannot be renewed.
An email notice will be sent to alert the user when the loaned item is recalled. Please return the recalled items to the Library Circulation Counter on or before the due date indicated in the email notice.
Users are reminded to return loan item(s) to the Library or via Book Drops on or before the due date. The following types of materials cannot be placed in book drops and must be returned to the Library at Circulation Counter:
  • Overdue library materials;
  • Items with accompanying materials;
  • Multi-media materials (such as DVDs, etc.); and
  • Reader cards from other libraries.
Please handle library books with care when using the book drop. The library will not be responsible for damages or loss of materials in book drops.
Fines will be applied to all late returns.
Material Type
Overdue Fine*
Circulation / Multimedia Item
$2 per day
Recalled Item
$4 per day
Reserve Item
$20 per day
* Holiday Exclusive
Charge for Loss and Damage
Loss or damage of loan items should be reported to the Library as soon as possible. A charge for lost/damaged library materials will be imposed.
The charge is calculated based on the replacement cost of the damaged/lost item plus a processing fee of $60 and any accumulated fine. All lost/damaged items remain the property of Library. All sums paid are non-refundable.
Assumed Lost
A loaned item is assumed lost 90 days after the due date. The borrower will be billed accordingly and his/her borrowing privileges will be suspended.
The charge is calculated based on the replacement cost of the lost item, a processing fee of $60 and the maximum overdue fine. All assumed lost items remain property of the Library. All sums paid are non-refundable.
Circulation Notices
All library notices, including overdue notice and hold pick-up notice, will be sent to users’ College e-mail accounts as a courtesy. Failure to read or receive an e-mail notice does not relieve the borrow from responsibility for overdue items or resulting fines.
Suspension of Borrowing Rights
Suspension of borrowing rights may be applied to users with any of the following conditions:
  • There are six or more overdue items in the account; or
  • Loan item overdue for 60 days or above; or
  • Total library fine exceeds $100; or
  • Library fine unsettled for 3 weeks or above
Lending services are provided based on the Library Regulations. Please contact us for enquiry or further support.

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