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Facilities Management Office

Thank you for visiting the website of Facilities Management Office (FMO).

Facilities Management Office is one of the Administrative Units of the College and our core services are as follows:

  1. Space planning and allocation including reorganization & rationalization of existing space in pace with academic development, and consequential alteration & addition works as well as leasing of off-campus premises;
  2. Operation, repairs & maintenance, renovation and upgrade of buildings including their infrastructure and building services (BS) provisions;
  3. Health, safety and environmental protection;
  4. Property management including cleaning, security, landscaping, removal, carpark, etc; and,
  5. Emergency management and 24-hour Campus Security Control Centre.

Our colleagues and I are here to support the implementation of College’s policies and regulations as well as to develop and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, an environmentally friendly, healthy and safe campus.


Daniel Hui
Head of Facilities Management Office




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