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College Council



Mr TSENG Hing Yip York (曾慶業先生

Mr LEE Kwong Yee, Jason Joseph (李曠怡先生

TWGHs Representative
Mr Jonathan NG (伍怡先生)  

Persons with expertise in tertiary education
Professor CHUI Wing Hong Eric (崔永康教授
Professor the Hon LAU Chi Pang (劉智鵬教授), BBS, JP 
Mrs Katherine MA (馬陳家歡女士), BBS 
Professor TIWARI Agnes Fung Yee (羅鳳儀教授
Dr YEUNG Sai Mo Simon (楊世模博士), MH, JP 

Persons with expertise in professional/community/business sectors relevant to the College's programmes and operation
Mr Alex H. K. FAN (范凱傑大律師), MH  
Dr LUK Che Chung (陸志聰醫生), JP 
Dr TAM Lai Fan Gloria (譚麗芬醫生), JP
The Hon YUNG Hoi Yan Eunice (容海恩議員), JP 

Ex-Officio Member
Professor CHAN Wai Chi Sally (陳慧慈教授), President, TWC

Staff Representatives of TWC
Professor KWAN Yiu Cho Rick (關耀祖教授) (teaching staff) 
Mr ZEL Tsz Fung Stanley (蕭子峯先生(non-teaching staff) 

Student Representative of TWC
Mr LEUNG Lok Wa (梁鉻華先生

Ms WONG Lai Ping Queenie (黃麗萍女士)


Terms of Reference

  1. To establish annual goals aligned with TWC’s strategic priorities as determined by the Board of Governors (BoG);
  2. To establish policies of management as determined by the BoG;
  3. To perform as the executive body of the College in managing and administering the College affairs according to the directions set out by the BoG;
  4. To ensure that the Ordinance under which the College is operating is fully complied with;
  5. To set policies overseeing the management of resources (including finance, human resources, investment of funds, etc.) of the College;
  6. To set policies in relation to handling appeals and grievances of staff and students of the College as well as those from external parties;
  7. To ensure that the College is managed effectively and that the quality of its work is assured;
  8. To ensure that the education of the students is pursued in an appropriate manner and leads to the outcomes desired;
  9. To discuss, amend as judged appropriate, and decide on the various academic and resource plans and proposals, including the annual budget and strategic plans, put forward by the President according to the financial resources approved and allocated by the BoG;
  10. To provide a college-wide perspective on issues of strategic significance and may also consider and advise on operational issues;
  11. To maintain the requirements in respect of health in accordance with R4 of the CAP320A;
  12. To ensure the keeping of correct and adequate accounts of all income and expenditure of the College;
  13. To provide for the use of the buildings, libraries, laboratories, premises, furniture, equipment and general facilities required to carry out the work of the Company and the College;
  14. To provide for the welfare of persons employed by the College;
  15. To be responsible for reporting, in a timely and adequate manner, to the BoG or BoG Chairman any information in respect of all issues which have or may have substantial impacts on the operations of the College including but not limited to the image or reputation of the College and its member(s) and those associated with the College or any matters which, in the opinion of the College Council (CC), are considered important, material or exceptional;
  16. To make available any information in respect of the CC meetings or discussions to the BoG or BoG Chairman in an adequate and timely manner, including but not limited to the agenda of the CC meetings, the council papers circulated to the members of the CC and the notice of convening the CC meetings;
  17. To approve recommendations/proposals on any procedures, policies, plans in respect of all important matters of the College subject to the directions and strategies for the College as set and assigned by the BoG for the BoG’s consideration/approval;
  18. To seek advice from the BoG in respect of the appointment of the certified public accountant (practicing) as defined in the Professional Accountants Ordinance as auditor and to appoint the same after taking into account such advice from the BoG and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations; and
  19. To endorse, approve, give consent and/or act on the matters or proposals recommended by the President and/or the Academic Board in an efficient manner (or without unreasonable delay).
  20. To perform other related duties as assigned by the BoG; and
  21. To set up sub-committees and task forces as appropriate.

Tung Wah College Logo
King’s Park Campus
Ma Kam Chan Memorial Building,
31 Wylie Road, Homantin, Hong Kong
Mongkok Campus
Cheung Kung Hai Memorial Building, 90A,
and Cheung Chin Lan Hong Building, 98,
Shantung Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Kwai Hing Campus
16/F, Tower 2,
Kowloon Commerce Centre,
51 Kwai Cheong Road,
Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
(852) 3190 6678