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Press Release & News Stories

Date Title
17/04/2018 東華學院籌辦物理治療課程 為取得專業認證做好充分準備
21/03/2018 東華學院命名「東華三院丁酉年董事局電腦實驗室」
19/03/2018 東華學院舉行傳媒聚餐分享學院最新發展
13/02/2018 Roundtable on Children’s Policy– Promoting Children’s Wellbeing: Educare, Health & Family
01/12/2017 Tung Wah College Graduation Ceremony
30/11/2017 東華學院學者研究顯示:消費者缺乏理財素養容易網購成癮
07/11/2017 Tung Wah College Information Day 2017
05/09/2017 Tung Wah College welcomes new students at Inauguration Ceremony
30/08/2017 東華學院幼兒教育學士課程再獲社會福利署認可 畢業生可註冊為幼兒工作員及幼兒中心主管
31/07/2017 TWC appoints Vice-President (Academic) and Vice-President (Administration & Development)
26/07/2017 東華學院開辦幼兒教育學士課程 著重支援特殊學習需要 現正接受報名
04/07/2017 東華學院職業治療學理學士(榮譽)學位課程獲專業認可 畢業生可註冊成為專業職業治療師並於本地執業
27/06/2017 79 outstanding students awarded $1.9 million government scholarships
14/06/2017 TWC Dragon Boat Team supports ACCA Community Day 2017
05/05/2017 TWC graduates report positive career outlook, earning over $20,000 monthly on average
17/02/2017 東華學院舉行傳媒新春聚餐分享學院最新發展
16/02/2017 TWC signs a MOU with the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
17/01/2017 東華學院設三萬元入學獎學金及調整部份課程學費
12/12/2016 TWC presents awards for teaching and research excellence
15/11/2016 東華學院五周年校慶晚宴 各界友好聚首 共享豐碩成果及喜悅

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