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Community Service Programme

To enable students to possess the attributes of being morally and intellectually responsive with social awareness and a caring attitude for needy people, all full-time students, and those as required by the programmes, have to complete a total of 30 hours of community service to fulfil the graduation requirement.  



Submission of Community Service Record

A. Individual Self-sourced Community Service Programme

1. Students are required to fill in the Community Service Programme Approval Form (Form/SAO 32/201510).

2. Approval by SAO. Students will be notified within 1 week.

3. After the CS programme finished, students are required to submit the Community Service Programme Record Form (Form/SAO 33/201510).

4. Endorsement by SAO.

5. SAO will update the Community Service hour record in Student Affairs Office Programme Registration System (REGCSP) within 2 weeks.


B. Community Service Programme coordinated by SAO

1. SAO collaborates with different agencies in providing community services opportunities to TWC students. Once the service is deemed suitable to our students, registration link will be setup in REGCSP.

2. SAO will deliver programme details through email to all students.

3. Students to register in REGCSP.

4. After deadline, SAO will send confirmation to all registered students and also the list of participants with contact details to the agencies.

5. After completion of the programme, the agencies will send an attendance list and service hour record to SAO.

6. SAO will update the record in REGCSP within 2 weeks.


C. Community Service Programme offered by Social Career

1. Students may find CS programme through social career. You may download the Social Career app or visit https://socialcareer.org to get more details.

2. Register an account with TWC EMAIL ADDRESS.

3. Enroll a CS programme that you feel interested and attend on time.

4. Attendance record will be automatically recorded and transferred to TWC SAO.

5. The attendance and CS hours record could be uploaded to REGCSP within 1 month.

Check your Community Service Record
Your community service record will be updated monthly and you are advised to check it regularly. You can check it via https://www.twc.edu.hk/RegCSP/ with your student login and password.
Community Service Team (IG: twccsteam2020)
The Community Service Team (CS Team) was set up in 2012 to encourage students to get involved in volunteer service. Over the past years, the team had helped a cross section of society including the elders, children, low income families, person with intellectual disabilities, patients, people in recovery of mental illness, psychotropic substance abusers, youths the animals.
The CS Team encourages students to serve the community by applying their professional knowledge and skills. The team members are responsible for organizing various types of community service and training workshops. Through the participation of such activities, students are able to develop a right attitude of life, good interpersonal and communication skills, and a sense of social awareness.
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