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Peer Mentorship Programme


Peer Mentorship Programme (PMP) aims to nurture the growth and development of students through peer mentoring. It provides valuable experience for students to make social connections and develop peer support network. Various learning activities, community services and excursions will be provided to support students to attain personal growth and achieve fulfilment in life.  



Mentors are senior students with enriched learning experience and a passion to nurture the growth of new students through mentoring. Senior students with positive attributes are nominated and/or recruited as Mentors after passing an interview and completing designated training. Mentors are expected to develop leadership skills and attain personal growth and fulfillment through the mentoring process. The application process opens in May.

Mentees are new students pursuing growth and development through mentoring. All new students are welcome to join as Mentees through application. Mentees are encouraged to share their concerns and discuss their life goals with Mentors. They are expected to recognise their strengths and weaknesses, explore ways to overcome challenges in goal accomplishment, and adapt to life changes through mentoring. Registration for new mentees opens in August until all places are filled.

Advisors are graduate students with outstanding academic performance and/or non-academic achievements who are willing to share their prior learning experience, inspirations, and professional development with members.


Programme Content

Peer Mentorship Programme provides a series of training activities to equip Mentors with positive attributes and essential mentoring skills prior to providing psychosocial support and guidance to Mentees. Mentors are required to attend four compulsory events and either organise an activity for Mentees or join an activity organised by the PMP.


Compulsory Events for Mentors:

1) Adventure-based Leadership Training Camp

2) Mental Health Training

3) Welcoming Party

4) Closing Ceremony



Mentors who actively participate in the programme will be rewarded with a certificate and a maximum of 20 community service hours. The distribution of community service hours is subject to individuals' performance and compliance with the College's regulations.

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