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News & Events

Date Title
23/02/2024 TWC to confer Honorary Fellowships on three outstanding individuals
21/02/2024 HKPC Academy and Tung Wah College Join Hands to Foster Gerontechnology R&D Services and Nurture Future I&T Talent
05/02/2024 TWC Student Won the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students 2022-23
21/01/2024 TWC’s Physiotherapy team supported Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024
18/01/2024 【SCMP】‘We need to train talent’: will Hong Kong’s applied sciences universities fix manpower crunch or fall flat amid lingering ‘second class’ label?
16/01/2024 【中國評論新聞】大灣區醫護教師社工協會成立 推動人才流通
11/01/2024 【JUMP】明專升格聖方濟各大學 成港第四間自資大學 校長:續攻護理社服人文科學
10/01/2024 【明報】東華爭取3年內升格 珠海曾稱「兩年近達標」
16/12/2023 【TVB】歡樂滿東華2023
13/12/2023 【香港電台】開心日報 同學仔傾吓偈
13/12/2023 【大公報】東華學院培育新一代家國情懷 國安教育納入通識課程 提升國安意識
13/12/2023 【文匯報】東華學院培育新一代家國情懷 國安教育納入通識課程 提升國安意識
13/12/2023 【JUMP】受惠復常通關 18間自資院校收生人數增 東華學院增長17%
13/12/2023 【TOPick】兒童情緒︱正向心理學家教路 培養兒童情緒管理由家長「自我關懷」做起
09/12/2023 【SCMP】‘No sense of belonging’: Hong Kong children’s social skills are suffering post-pandemic – expert tips on how parents can help them communicate better
08/12/2023 【東網】18自資院校收生錄按年增長 都大三類課程共增1258人
08/12/2023 【明報】18自資院校收生增 受惠通關
06/12/2023 【香港電台】開心日報 同學仔傾吓偈
01/12/2023 【SCMP】Play to Thrive project from Save the Children Hong Kong enhances youth mental well-being through football
01/12/2023 【Now TV】【時事全方位】明愛醫院事故(一)

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