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News & Events

Date Title
13/06/2019 Scholarship and Award Presentation Ceremony 2019
20/05/2019 2018 Graduate Survey reveals the striking competitive edge graduates possess in job market
16/05/2019 TWC launches the new Management Degree Programme in Social and Business Sustainability
13/04/2019 First Graduation Ceremony cum Tea Gathering of Certificate of Endoscopy Care
08/04/2019 【明報】虎狼中年?港人不適用 房事疏懶 陰道易老
03/04/2019 Senior physiotherapists from hospitals under Hospital Authority visit Tung Wah College
28/03/2019 The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou visits TWC
27/03/2019 TWC signs the Memorandum of Agreement with Huashang College of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics
17/03/2019 【蘋果日報】【人言無畏】肢體傷殘性需要仍在「是人權,不是飽暖思淫慾」
14/03/2019 College visit by the School of Medical and Health Sciences to the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou
08/03/2019 【信報】專欄文章《望子成龍 自主人格和信任人格發展》
23/02/2019 【成報】東華學院5年後申請升格
23/02/2019 【文匯報】東華畢業生月薪破3萬 提供護理醫療科學學位課程 校方積極準備冀5年內「升大」
23/02/2019 【明報】東華學院擬升格大學 冀5年完成評審
23/02/2019 【星島日報】東華學院大增護理學額
23/02/2019 【大公報】東華學院將開科教運營社企 為「升格」鋪路
23/02/2019 TWC provides venue for the Annual General Meeting cum Physiotherapy Forum of Hong Kong Physiotherapists' Union
22/02/2019 【香港01】東華學院擬開辦社商企業管理學位課程 冀五年可「升格」大學
22/02/2019 【蘋果日報】東華學院護理學士學額增56% 應屆畢業生月入破3萬
22/02/2019 【星島日報】東華學院望5年後升格大學 將開辦社商企業管理學位

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