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PowerCAMPUS Self-Service User Guide (for Students)
Last updated: 30 April 2021

Students should check the pre-registered schedule before each semester starts. New students are recommended to read this user guide before proceeding with course registration.

▼ Log in PowerCAMPUS Self-Service (http://selfservice.twc.edu.hk) with your TWC computer account.


▼ Click “Registration” ► “Academic Plan” to access your Academic Plan.

▼ The required/ elective courses are listed in your academic plan. You can check your progress by looking at the symbols.

▼ Click “Registration” ► “My Schedule” to view your Class Schedule. You can view your class schedule in either “Calendar” format or “List” format

▼ Student Schedule in “Calendar” format

▼ Student Schedule in “List” format

▼ Click “Grades” ► “Grade Report” to view your Grade Reports for different semesters.

▼ Click “Profile” to view information of your academic advisor and your current programme of study.

▼ Click “Profile” ► “Account” to view your personal information.

▼ Click “Profile” ► “Graduation Requirements” to view your completion status of IELTS and Community Service Programme (CSP) .

Student can search the course in by clicking “Registration” ► “Course”

▼ Search course sections by course code (e.g. GEN1304)


▼ Students can view the course sections that was put into the Cart (with yellow label) in “My Schedule” (on the right side of search results).

▼ Student can view the schedule in “Calendar” format by clicking the “Calendar” button.

▼ Click the “Remove” button to remove the course section(s) from the Cart.

Students can register/add a course by the following procedures:

  • ▼ Click “Registration” ► “Course” select the registration period (e.g. 2020 Semester 1).
  • Add the course section(s) into the Cart (e.g. by clicking the “PUT INTO CART” button in Section Search results).

    For course with co-requisites (e.g. the course requires students to register lecture AND tutorial), students should add all required course subtype (e.g. lecture and tutorial) of the course in order to complete the registration.

    Warning: You have not successfully registered/added the course after adding it to the Cart. You have to proceed with the following procedures.

  • ▼ Click the “Register” button.
  • All course sections in the cart will be shown under “My Schedule” with yellow label while all are successfully registered will be shown with green label.

Students can drop a registered course by the following procedures:

  • ▼ Click “Registration” ► “Courses” and select the registration period (e.g. 2020 Semester 1)
  • All registered course sections will be shown under “My Schedule” with green label and a “Drop” icon at the upper right
  • Click the “Drop” checkbox of all course sections you wish to drop and then click the “Next” button.

Warning: After you click the “Next” button, all course sections will be DROPPED. Therefore, you should think twice before clicking the “Next” button as you may not be able to register/add the course section again if other students take your seat and the section becomes full.

▼ Click the “Drop” icon at the upper right corner of the registered course section.

▼ Click the “DROP COURSE” button to confirm the dropping of course section.

▼ Course is successfully dropped.

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