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Examination Arrangements
  1. Adverse Weather Arrangement for Examinations
  2. Assessment and Examination Regulations
  3. Examination Timetable (2021/22 Semester 2)
  4. Examination Seating Arrangement (2021/22 Semester 2)
    The seating arrangement will be released at least 3 days before the commencement of examinations.

  5. Precautionary Measures for Examinations during the Outbreak of COVID-19

  6. Additional Precautionary Measures for On-campus Final Examination of Semester 2, 2021/22 (for Students)

  7. Supplementary Examination
    Only a student who misses the examination because of hospital confinement due to illness or injury, or other personal emergencies may apply for supplementary examination. He/She should apply to the Registry with supporting evidence such as medical documents within 7 working days after the date of the concerned examination. A prescribed administration fee ($400/course) will be charged. The application is subject to the recommendation of the Programme Examinations Committee and the approval of the Examinations Board.

  8. Cancellation of On-campus Examinations of Certain Courses
    In view of the situation of COVID-19, on-campus examinations of some courses will be cancelled (see the course list below). However, students are required to complete other course assessments assigned by the concerned course instructors.
  Course Code Course Title
1 BUS2002 Social and Legal Environment for Business
2 ECN1001 Introduction to Economics
3 GEA1213 Social and Emotional Well-being
4 GEC1102 Interpreting Art
5 GEC1311 Media and Everyday Life
6 GED1008 Introduction to Statistics
7 GED2005 Information Technology and Multimedia Applications
8 GEN1008 Introduction to Statistics
9 GEN1304 The Development and Operation of Non-profit Organizations
10 GER2002 Ethical and Legal Aspects in Health and Social Care
11 GER2021 Comprehensive Assessment of Older People
12 GER3001 Research Methods
13 GER3013 Chronic Illness Management
14 GER3023 Dementia Management
15 HSS1008 Statistics for Social Sciences
16 HSS1012 Applied Sociology
17 HSS4001 Crime and Deviance
18 MED1018 Introduction to Statistics
19 MED2002 Toxicology
20 MED2009 Introduction to Chinese Medicine
21 MED2105 Chemical Skills for Forensic Science
22 MED3004 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
23 MED3007 Biomedical Criminalistics
24 MED3039 Physical Evidence Analysis
25 MED3113 Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations
26 MED4007 Introduction to Criminal Justice
27 MGT1001 Introduction to Management
28 MGT2002 Management and Organisational Behaviour
29 MGT3011 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Management
30 MGT3019 Writing Business Plan, Proposal and Grant Application
31 NUR0202 Rehabilitation Care
32 NUR1012 Fundamentals of Nursing I
33 NUR1013 Microbiology and Pharmacology
34 NUR1016 Fundamentals of Nursing II
35 NUR1017 Care of Adults
36 NUR1020 Essential Concepts of Chinese Medicine
37 NUR1021 Microbiology
38 NUR1022 Public Health
39 NUR2011 Care of Older Persons
40 NUR2018 Pathophysiology
41 NUR2025 Advanced Pathophysiology
42 NUR2028 Psychosocial Dimensions of Health and Illness
43 NUR2029 Maternal and Infant Care
44 NUR2033 Care of Older People
45 NUR3001 Research Methods in Health Care
46 NUR3002 Ethical and Legal Aspects in Health Care
47 NUR3009 Care of People with Communicable Diseases
48 NUR3012 Mental Health Nursing
49 NUR3111 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (I)
50 NUR3112 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (II)
51 NUR3113 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (III)
52 NUR3114 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (IV)
53 PSY1001 Developmental Psychology
54 PSY2001 Cognitive Psychology: Theories of How We Think
55 PSY2003 Social Psychology: Dynamics between Individuals and Groups
56 PSY4001 Educational Psychology
57 PSY4009 Parenting and Child Development
58 PSY4012 Children and Adolescents with Special Needs




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