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Course Registration

2023/24 Semester 2
User Guide for Course Registration and Course Add/Drop
Students are strongly advised to read the user guide before proceeding with course registration and course add/drop.
Key Dates for Course Registration and Course Add/Drop
  • 5 January 2024 (9:00 am)
    Students can view their personal timetable (of pre-registered courses) and master class schedule.
  • 5 January 2024 (9:00 pm)
    Students can put course sections into “Cart” (to prepare for course registration) in PowerCAMPUS Self-Service (http://selfservice.twc.edu.hk).
  • 8/9/10/11 January 2024 (9:00 am)
    Course Registration periods for different student groups start (see the table below for details).
  • 15 January 2024
    Semester 2 classes begin.
  • 26 January 2024 (11:59 pm)
    Course add/drop period ends. Students cannot add/drop any courses after the deadline.

Course Registration and Course Add/Drop Period per cohort/study programme
Cohort Programme Course Registration Period Course Add/Drop Period
2020 or before Bachelor's Degree
(Year 1 Entry)
starts from 9:00 am,
Jan 2024 (Mon)

15 Jan 2024 to 26 Jan 2024 (ends at 11:59 pm)

2022 or before Bachelor's Degree
(Senior Year Entry)
2022 or before Higher Diploma
2021 Bachelor's Degree
(Year 1 Entry)
starts from 9:00 am,
Jan 2024 (Tue)
2023 Bachelor's Degree
(Senior Year Entry)
2023 Higher Diploma
2022 Bachelor's Degree
(Year 1 Entry)
starts from 9:00 am,
10 Jan 2024 (Wed)
2023 Bachelor's Degree
(Year 1 Entry)
starts from 9:00 am,
11 Jan 2024 (Thu)
Important Notes for Course Registration and Course Add/Drop
  1. Course registration and course add/drop are done through PowerCAMPUS Self-Service (http://selfservice.twc.edu.hk) during the designated periods for different cohorts.
  2. Each student will only be allowed to register for a maximum of 21 credits in a regular semester (or 10.5 credits in the summer semester). Students will not be able to add any additional courses once the total credit units in a semester reach the maximum credit limit.
  3. Normally a student is expected to take 15 credits in a semester, except summer semester. Full-time students who wish to take a reduced study load should take a minimum of 12 credits in a regular semester. Students who take courses below the minimum credit limit should obtain the approval from the Programme Leader.
  4. Required/Core courses will be pre-registered in students’ schedule. It is the students’ responsibility to check whether the pre-registered courses match their curriculum requirements.
  5. Important required/core courses are “locked” (i.e. students cannot drop the course online). Students who wish to drop these required/core courses should provide special reasons for dropping and submit an application form (REG-03S, obtainable in Download Areato the Registry before the course add/drop period ends.
  6. Elective courses (including General Education elective courses and Major/Discipline elective courses) may not be pre-registered and students should register elective courses during course registration period or course add/drop period.
  7. Students must know their own curriculum/award requirements in order to work out an academic plan and compile their class schedule for each semester. Students should seek academic advice from Student Academic Advisor/Programme Leader if they have questions on curriculum requirements.
  8. Students will be able to see the number of vacant places of a class before they register/add a course.
  9. Students should not register/add a course which is not prescribed in the concerned curriculum; Nor should they register/add a course if they do not meet the prerequisite requirement of the course.
  10. Students should check if they have satisfied the prerequisite or any requirements before adding a course. It is also the students’ responsibility to drop those courses that they have not satisfied the prerequisite requirement.
  11. All registered courses will be displayed in the student’s class schedule (in both check list and timetable formats) via PowerCAMPUS Self-Service (http://selfservice.twc.edu.hk).
  12. Students on academic probation or resuming studies after a period of academic suspension may be required to seek the approval of their Academic Advisor prior to registering courses for the semester.
  13. College reserves the right to de-register students from a course and/or course components (tutorial/seminar/laboratory) under the following circumstances:
    - if a course/course component is cancelled due to insufficient enrollments;
    - if the student has not satisfied the prerequisites prescribed for the course;
    - if the student ceases to register as “active status” for that semester;
    - if the student has already fulfilled graduation requirements in the previous semester;
    - if the student has already taken and gained a pass for that course; or
    - if the student has attempted to gain an unfair advantage during online course registration in the event of violation of academic regulations.
  14. During the first two weeks of a regular semester (or the first week of the summer semester), which is regarded as the course add/drop period, students can continue to make changes and finalize their class schedule.
  15. After the course add/drop period, the registration record for that semester is final. Late add/drop applications (after course add/drop period) are not accepted.
  16. Permission to withdraw from a course after the deadline for dropping courses will only be given to students who could provide medical supporting documents or strong justifications for other unforeseen circumstances. Students who wish to withdraw from a course must submit an application form (REG-03S, obtainable in Download Areato the Registry at least four weeks before the commencement of the semester examination, and an application fee of $200/course will be incurred.
  17. Course(s) approved for withdrawal will be assigned a ‘W’ grade in the academic transcript. Grade ‘W’ will not be included in GPA calculation. Students are required to pay the FULL amount of tuition fees for the withdrawn courses.
  18. Students who withdraw from a course without going through the prescribed procedures shall be given a Grade F for that course.

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