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Tung Wah College Global Student Ambassador (TWCGSA)


Tung Wah College Global Student Ambassador (TWCGSA) aims to nurture a culture of civic engagement and enhance an atmosphere of widening horizon among campus and students. It provides valuable opportunities for students to learn to serve and serve to learn as an ambassador for TWC and as a student representative of the College in serving the community.


Benefits of being a Global Student Ambassador

Students will have opportunities to:

  • join a series of exclusive training programmes to develop leadership skills and other soft skills.
  • participate in ambassadorship services inside and outside the College to become a mature person who would always be aware of global concern issues and corresponding responsibilities.
  • widen the horizons and enrich their knowledge of the globe
  • represent TWC as ambassadors in the college-wides functions & events


Levels of Ambassadorship


Level 1 - Trainee Ambassador

Trainee Ambassadors will be required to fulfill the requirements under all three categories including: 

1. Training Programme*;

2. Ambassadorship Service Hours# and;

3. Panel Interview^

before they can progress to become “Student Ambassadors”.


*Trainee Ambassadors are required to attend at least TWO training programmes under the three main categories including Leadership & Soft Skills, Global Culture and Global Concern (the two training programmes should not belong to the same category).

#Trainee Ambassadors are required to provide voluntary service inside or outside the College to fulfill 10 service hours via participation in at least 2 services.

^Trainee ambassadors who completed the training programme and service hours as required will be invited to an interview before progressing to become “Student Ambassadors”. The academic result and disciplinary record would be considered. The interview panel consists of three SAO staff as appointed by the Head of SAO.


Level 2 - Student Ambassador

Trainee Ambassadors who fulfilled training requirements and service hours would be invited to a penal interview. Successful Trainee Ambassadors who passed the interview would become Student Ambassadors.


Level 3 - Honoured Ambassador

By further successful completion of the TWGSA training and serving hours, Student Ambassadors would be nominated to become Honoured Ambassadors.


Global Awareness Outstanding Award

Both the Student Ambassador and Honoured Ambassador are eligible to compete for the Global Awareness Outstanding Award. Students have to propose topics regarding some critical local or global issues and carry out a group research project.


There are four types of awards: Champion, First Runner-up, Second Runner-up and Merit Award. Awardees would be presented the awards in the Scholarship and Award Presentation Ceremony which is an annual event of the College.


Global Concern Team and Community Service Team


For details, please read the TWCGSA Guidebook.


  • You can apply online all-year-round (Online Application)
  • Strongly advised joining the TWCGSA in your first year of study


Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3190 6660

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