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Collection Development Policy

This Collection Development Policy (CDP) provides a framework for the development and maintenance of the entire library collection in support of the learning, teaching and research activities of the College. It echoes the mission of the Library.
The CDP is a dynamic document which will be updated or amended whenever necessary.
The objectives of the CDP are to:
  • Establish standards for the inclusion and exclusion of library materials. These standards are elaborated in the following sections of Selection of Library Materials, Acquisition Criteria, Gift Donation Policy and Weeding Policy of Library Materials.
  • Serve as a day-to-day working tool for the Library staff members in acquiring library materials.
  • Achieve Co-operation with Other Libraries (elaborated in the last section) in consortia purchase of library resources and interlibrary lending activities.
  • Assist Library staff in planning and administering the Library budget.
  • Inform stakeholders of the Library the nature and scope of the collection.
Selection of Library Resources
Selection of library materials is a joint effort of the Library and Academic staff. The ultimate responsibility for acquisition directions and policy decisions, including suitability, adequacy and quality of selection, rests with the College Librarian.
The Library employs various collection development tools and services including web-based acquisitions tool provided by some book vendors to source suitable resources. Academic staff can submit their library recommendations via the Library User Group or contact the Library directly.
Acquisition Criteria
Resources are included for building up the Library Collections that caters to the current and emergent needs in learning, teaching and personal development of students and staff in the College.
Chinese and English materials are collected according to the medium of instruction of the courses.
For monographic materials, electronic version is preferred when a title is available both in print and electronic formats.
Normally a monograph in its latest edition will be acquired. Older editions may be acquired only if they are specially required with justification.
Paperback edition will be purchased whenever possible unless only hardcover edition is available.
Number of Copies
Normally only one copy will be purchased for each title. Multiple copies of an item may be purchased if they are in heavy demand and continuous use and are recommended by Academic Staff for course work.
Expensive Items
For books or media resources recommended for purchase, endorsement from School Dean is required for expensive items. Expensive item refers to a book or a media resources at a cost of HKD3,000 and above. The College Librarian will from time to time review and revise the definition of expensive items and their handling procedures.
All serial titles and databases recommended for library purchase must be endorsed by the School Dean irrespective of the cost.
Whether or not the Library replaces particular missing or damaged items depends on the current value of the item to the collection and other evidence of demand for the item.
Gift Donation Policy
The Library welcomes donation of books and other materials that support the educational interests of the College. The relevant detailed guidelines are set out in Gift Donation Policy.
Weeding Policy of Library Materials
Items that are considered not suitable for the collection or no longer required for some reasons may be withdrawn from the Library. The relevant detailed guidelines are set out in the Weeding Policy of Library Materials.
Co-operation with Other Libraries
The Library explores opportunities such as Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System (CSIDS) to strengthen its collections through collective purchasing with other academic institution libraries in order to seek the cost saving benefits of shared access to materials.
In co-operation with other academic institute libraries, the Library provides Interlibrary Loan Service to its users to obtain books or journal articles which are not available internally.

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