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Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education
2 years full-time


Programme Description
Programme Leaflet:
Programme Leaflet
The programme equips students with the professional knowledge, skills and professional ethics in early childhood education. The students can also acquire the necessary strategies to perform competently in the care and education of young children aged 8 or below in various early childhood settings in Hong Kong. The objectives are:
  1. To apply knowledge about the theories and process of child development;
  2. To describe the interconnectedness between socio-demographic, economic,  political and cultural changes and the development of childcare sectors with particular reference to Hong Kong;
  3. To apply the knowledge and skills in planning, implementing and evaluating contemporary early childhood curriculum and programmes appropriate to the early childhood education settings;
  4. To integrate understanding of special educational needs of children with developmental challenges in early childhood education;
  5. To utilise critical, analytical and problem-solving skills;
  6. To apply effective interpersonal skills in communication with child care professionals, children and parents in early childhood settings;
  7. To demonstrate the educational and professional responsibilities in early childhood settings;
  8. To recognise the capacity for continuous independent learning and reflective practice.

Mode of Study
Medium of instruction
Total no. of credits
72 credits

Programme Leader
Ms. Jackie LI
MS in Educational Administration, State University of New York at Albany, USA
MS in Educational Psychology, State University of New York at Albany, USA
MA in Criminal Justice, State University of New York at Albany, USA
BA in Social Studies, Bard College, USA

Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee (HK$)
Year 1
Year 2
Programme Total
  • The College will adjust the tuition fee of its programmes based on the Composite Consumer Price Index to be announced by the Government annually.
  • Tuition fees are normally charged by two instalments per annum and are payable before the commencement of each semester.  New students are required to settle the balance of the tuition fee for the first semester (i.e. after deducting deposit) upon programme registration in August.
  • Students are required to pay additional fees for all retake/additional courses which would be charged at the rate of the normal cohort and be calculated by the number of credits to be taken. Please refer the details in the College’s Fees Regulation at https://www.twc.edu.hk/en/Administration_Units/fo/our_service/student-area.
  • All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • For more details about the College's tuition fee payment schedule and fees regulation, please refer to the "Tuition Fee Payment Schedule" and "Fees Regulation" at "https://www.twc.edu.hk/en/Administration_Units/fo/our_service/student-area".

Entrance Scholarships
Please click here for details.

QF Information
QF level
QR registration no.
Registration validity period 01/09/2016 to 31/08/2025

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