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Frequently Asked Questions
What will I learn in early childhood education programme?
This programme aims to prepare students for professional careers in early childhood settings. Students will learn the theory and pedagogy of Early Childhood Education to meet the needs of caring and educating for young children (0 to 8 years of age).
What are the special features of TWC’s Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education?
A wide range of teaching methods will be used, including workshops, school visits, seminars, discussions and practicum. In particular, practicum provides an opportunity for students to apply theory to practice. Through school attachment, educational visits and block practice placement in different early childhood sectors, students are facilitated to acquire, refine and demonstrate the skills required of competent beginning teachers.Education for children with Special Education Need (SEN) is another unique feature of the Programme. Some specialised courses are included in the curriculum. Teaching staff with expertise in relevant disciplines such as Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Language will be involved in the design and teaching of courses in SEN.Exposure to research, as a consumer of practical knowledge and experimenter of research activities, is an anticipated feature of the Programme.
Is this programme accredited by the government and professionally recognised?
The programme is validated for a degree qualification (Level 5) by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Graduates are eligible for registration as :
  • Qualified Kindergarten Teachers (QKT) with the Education Bureau (EDB) ; and
  • Child Care Workers (CCW) and Child Care Supervisors (CCS) with the Social Welfare Department (SWD).
Besides, graduates can serve as Special Child Care Workers (SCCW).
What are the career prospect and articulation pathways for this programme?
Kindergarten teachers are in great demand in various early childhood settings, which include Crèche, Nursery Cum Kindergarten, Kindergarten, International School, Special Child Care Centre, etc. Graduates are capable of serving in various early childhood settings in Hong Kong.Graduates are able to articulate to postgraduate programmes in early childhood education or similar disciplines at other local and overseas tertiary educational institutes.
Do I need to attend admission interviews?
Yes, you are required to attend an admission interview.
Qualities that we are looking for at the interview in selecting potential students are as follow:
  • enthusiasm in working with children
  • patience when working with children and families
  • ability to deal well with change
  • sense of respect towards children and families of all background
  • creativity to make learning fun
Can I apply for both HD and BEd(ECE) programmes, and do I need to attend two separate interviews?
Yes, you may if you meet the admission requirements for both programmes, and you will be required to attend one interview only.

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