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Language courses
Applied Chinese Language (or Basic Chinese)*
Developing English Language Skills
* Alternate Chinese course for “non-Chinese speaking” students only
Discipline courses
Care of Adults
Creative and Critical Thinking
Care of Children and Adolescents
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care
Care of Older Persons
Fundamentals of Nursing I
Care of Patients with Chronic Illness
Fundamentals of Nursing II
Clinical Practicum I (6 weeks)
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Clinical Practicum II (14 weeks)
Introduction to Mental Health Nursing
Clinical Practicum III (6 weeks)
Introduction to Research and Evidence-based Practice
Clinical Practicum IV (16 weeks)
Microbiology and Pharmacology
Communication in Healthcare Settings Professionalism and Contemporary Nursing
Concepts of Health
+ 1 Discipline elective course*
* Students can choose either “Rehabilitation and Adaptation in Ageing” or “Primary Care and Community Nursing” or "Introduction to Age Related Changes" as elective (discipline) in the programme.
General Education (GE) courses
Applied Psychology
Applied Sociology

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