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教授 (物理治療), 物理治療
辦公室: 香港何文田衛理道31號馬錦燦紀念大樓10樓1001室
電話: (852) 3468 6721
傳真 :(852) 2783 8635
物理治療學博士 (科廷科技大學, 澳洲)
應用科學碩士 (科廷科技大學, 澳洲)
運動物理治療理學深造文憑 (科廷科技大學, 澳洲)
物理治療學理學士學位, (多倫多大學, 加拿大)
肌肉骨骼物理治療, 人體工效學, 電療, 生物力學, 職業健康, 醫療保健管理
職業健康, 電療, 肌肉骨骼疾病, 生物力學, 痛症, 運動控制 

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Tsang SMH, Szeto GPY, So BCL, Lau RWL, Dai J. 2022. Using cervical movement velocity to assist the prediction pain and functional recovery for people with chronic mechanical neck pain. Clinical Biomechanics, 93, 105607. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2022.105607 

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So BCL, Szeto GPY, Lau RWL, Dai J, Tsang SMH. 2019. Effects of Ergo-motor Intervention on improving occupational health in workers with work-related neck-shoulder pain. International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, 16 (24), 5005. DOI:10.3390/ijerph16245005
Cheung T, Lee RLT, Tse ACY, Do CW, So BCL, Szeto GPY, Lee PH. 2019. Psychometric Properties and Demographic Correlates of the Smartphone Addiction Scale – Short Version (SAS-SV) in Chinese children and adolescents in Hong Kong. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 22 (11), 714-723. DOI: 10.1089/cyber.2019.0325
Tsang SMH, So BCL, Lau RWL, Dai J, Szeto GPY. 2019. Comparing the effectiveness of Integrating Ergonomics and Motor Control to conventional treatment for pain and functional recovery of work-related neck-shoulder pain: A randomized trial. European Journal of Pain, 23(6), 1141-1152.
So BCL, Yuen CHN, Tung KLH, Lam S, Cheng SL, Hung ZWL, Leung RWK, Szeto GPY. 2018.  A study of trunk muscle activation of two deep water running styles (High knee style and Cross-Country style) and Land walking. Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, 29(1): 73-78.  
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2021-2024: Health & Medical Research Fund
The effects of muscle biofeedback versus posture biofeedback on pain and functional outcomes in people with chronic neck pain related to intensive smartphone use (Principal Investigator)
2021-2023: TWGH Research Grant
An Evaluation Study on the Effectiveness of an Exercise Training Programme for People with Intellectual Disability (ActivPID) (Principal Investigator)
2018-2021: TWC College Research Grant
A study of sleep disturbance associated with intensive use of electronic devices among university students with chronic neck and back pain (Principal Investigator)

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