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Language courses
Chinese Language Elective I
Enhancing Academic English Skills
Developing English Language Skills
English for Healthcare Professionals
Discipline courses
Ageing and Diseases 
Enabling Occupation – Child and Education II
Applied Research Methodology in Rehabilitation Science
Functional Human Anatomy
Anatomy and Physiology
Enabling Occupation – Health Care I
Analyzing Occupational Performance
Enabling Occupation – Health Care II
Basic Neurosciences
Enabling Occupation – Health Care III
Capstone Project
Enabling Occupation – Productivity
Clinical Education IA
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Rehabilitation
Clinical Education IB
Human Development Across Lifespan
Clinical Education II
Health Service Management for Rehabilitation Professions
Clinical Education III
Introduction to Chinese Medicine (中醫學導論)
Clinical Education IV
Introduction to Psychology
Essential Pathophysiology for Occupational Therapist
Psychosocial Dimensions in Health and Illness
Essential Psychopathology for Occupational Therapist
OT Theory and Process I
Enabling Occupation – Aging and Wellness
OT Theory and Process II
Enabling Occupation – Child and Education I Therapeutic Communication 
  + 2 Discipline elective courses
General Education courses
The Development and Operation of Non-profit Organisations
Introduction to Statistics
+ 2 courses from the College’s GE course list

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