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Prof. Maria Yuen Yee LAW
Professor (Radiation Therapy)
Contact Information
Office : KPC 1903B
Tel : 3190 6677
Fax : 27838635
After practicing as a radiation therapist for 10 years in the Queen Mary Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Professor Maria Law received a government scholarship for teacher training in the UK in 1982. She started teaching in radiation therapy technology starting 1983 upon her return to Hong Kong, first in the School of Radiotherapy of the then Hospital Services Department in Hong Kong, then in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for 20 years before joining the Tung Wah College. She is at the same time the consultant (Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy) of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital.
Professor Law actively engaged herself in professional activities locally and internationally. Locally, other than starting up the local radiation therapy association, she is the founding President of Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists in 2008 and continues to serve in that capacity until now. Internationally, she was the Vice President (Asia-Australasia) of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists from 2006 to 2014, after which she was re-elected as the Director of Education of the same society.
Professor Law had also been appointed to serve in various government professional boards such as the Radiographers Board and its committees as well as the Registration Committee and Examination Committee of the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong, In the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund for Research Students, she had been a member and a chairman of the interview panel.
Over the years, Professor Law received a number of Research Awards locally and internationally. She had been consultant to two Hospital Authority projects and is often invited as keynote speakers for international conferences. For her numerous contributions to the profession, she was admitted to the Hong Kong College of Radiologists as an honorary member.
Doctor of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Science
Master of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong
PgD., Post-graduation Diploma in Epidemiology and Applied
Statistics (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Bachelor of Religious Studies, Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome
Professional Qualifications / Memberships:
Director of Education, International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
President (2008) and Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Radiographers
Honorary Member, Hong Kong College of Radiologists
Member, Education Committee, Radiographers Board, Department of Health, Hong Kong
Associate Editor, Journal of Medical Imaging
Teaching Areas:
Radiation therapy technology, radiation oncology, psychosocial approach to cancer care, PACS and informatics
Representative Publications / Projects:
Book Chapters:
Wu VWC, Law MYY, Star-lack, Cheung FWK, Ling CC. (2011) Technologies of image guidance and the development of advanced linear accelerator systems for radiotherapy. In: Meyer JL, ed., IMRT, IGRT, SBRT - Advanced in the treatment Planning and Delivery of Radiotherapy, ed 2, rev and ext. Frontiers of Radiation Therapy and Oncology. Basel, Karger, 2011, Vol.43, pp 132-164.
Law M.Y.Y (2008). Image Guidance in Radiation Therapy. In: Dhawan AP. Huang HK, Kim D. ed. Principles and Advanced Methods in Medical Imaging and Image Analysis. NJ: World Scientific Publishing, 2008 Ch 5, 635-662.
Zhang X, Law YY, Zhang J (2005). Radiation Therapy Imforation System. In: Chen H, Zhao Y, Pun Z ed. PACS and Development of Digital Images. Shanghai Science and Technology; China: Shanghai, 148-162. 2005.
Huang HK (2004). PACS and Imaging Informatics - Basic Principles and Applications. John Wiley & Sons,. Contribution to: Chapter 21 p.548-566; Chapter 22 p.273-580 and providing comments to the entire volume.
C. Chan,M. Law, P. Leung (2000). An empowerment group for Chinese cancer patients in Hong Kong. In: Fielding R, Chan C.L.W. Psychosocial Oncology & Palliative Care in Hong Kong: the First Decade. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:
Ngan TL…Wong TH, Law MYY, Lo G. Key Performance Indicators for comparing the performance of Portable Radiography - Direct Digital Radiography versus conventional machine with Computed Radiography. A study in a non-acute hospital. Accepted for publication in Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 2013
Lui OY, Li WK, Lock CKM, Chow CF, Lo HY, Lam YF, Law MYY. Dosimetric comparison between RapidArc® and conventional fixed-field intensity-modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Biomed Imagining Interv J 2013; 9(3):e17.
Yip HY, Mui WLA, WYJ Lee, Fung WWK, Chan JMT, Chiu G, M.Y.Y. Law. Evaluation of radiosurgery techniques-Cone-based linac radiosurgery vs tomotherapy-based radiosurgery. Medical Dosimetry, 2013:38, p.184-189
Fion WK Cheung, Maria Y.Y. Law. A novel conformity index for intensity modulated radiation therapy plan evaluation. Medical Physics, 2012: 39 (9), 5740-5756.
Law MYY, Liu B, WC Chan. An ePR-based Radiation Therapy Information System Utilizing the DICOM-RT Standard. Radiographics. 2009: 29 (4), 961-972.
Law MYY, Liu B. DICOM-RT and its utilization. Radiographics. 2009:29 (3),655-667.
Liu BJ , Law Maria YY, Documet J, Gertych A. Image-assisted knowledge discovery and decision support in radiation therapy planning. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 2007; 31:311-321.
Law MYY, Chan AWC. Cheung FWK. Editorial: Recalling the past, envisioning the future. Hong Kong Radiographers Journal. 2006: 10, 1-3.
Cheung MY, Law MYY, Ip AHY, Ng FKL, Tang RWM, Song TSM, Cheng MTS (2006). Deternination of the optimal number of portal imaging days for adaptive radiotherapy of IMRT of prostate cancer: A pilot study. Hong Kong Radiographers Journal 2006: 10, 19-27.
Law M (2005) Editorial: Radiography - a new horizon! Hong Kong Radiographers Journal 2005: 9(1), 1
Law MYY (2005). A model of DICOM-based electronic patient record in radiation therapy. Journal of COmputerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 2005;29:125-136.
Chan LWC, Zhou MZ, Hau SK, Law MYYTang FH, Documet J (2005). International Internet-2 performance and automatic tuning protocol for medical imaging applications. Journal of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics. 2005;29:103-114.
Tang FH, Law M, Lee A, Chan L (2004). A mobile phone integrated health care delivery system of medical images. Journal of Digital Imaging, 2004:17 (3), 217-225
张晓彦, 孙健永, 张建国, 罗婉仪, 陈颖志, 黄焕庆 (2004)。 Radiation Therapy Information System and DICOM. 《中国医疗器械信息》2004年03期
Maria Law (2004). Editorial: Radiography... Beyond the fourth dimension. Hong Kong Radiographers Journal, 2004, 8 (1 &2), p.1. Cheung GSM, Law MYY, Chan MYY, Lee VSC, Choi TOC (2004). The use of complementary medicine among the radiotherapy patients in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Radiographers Journal, 2004, 8 (1 &2), p.7-16.
Consultancy study of total filmless operation for Hong Kong Hospital Authority (2010)
Consultancy study of image distribution and PACS in Hong Kong (2003)
Research Interests:
ACS and Related Informatics
Psychosocial Cancer Care
Community Participation and Achievement :
Director of Education, International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
President, Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists
Member, Education Committee, Radiographers Board, Department of Health, Hong Kong
Associate Editor, Journal of Medical Imaging

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