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Academic Staff
Subject Expertise
Dean and Professor (Occupational Therapy)
3190 6751
Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Sexuality and Disability, Culture and Mental illness, Family Violence, Care for Disabled and Aged people
Professor (Biomedical Science)
3190 6680
Bladder Cancer, Chinese Medicine; Therapeutics Glycosaminoglycan, Renal Stone Disease, General Biochemistry and Immunology Research
Professor (Radiation Therapy)
3190 6677
Radiation Therapy
Professor (Medical Laboratory Science)
3468 6808

Medical Laboratory Sciences, Toxicology, Clinical Biochemistry

Prof. Grace Pui Yuk SZETO Professor (Physiotherapy) eMail icon 3468

Physiotherapy – electrotherapy, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, ergonomics, biomechanics,Occupational health

Professor (Radiation Therapy)
3468 6729
Medical Imaging,Imaging Informatics,Image Processing
Associate Professor (Radiation Therapy)
3725 6239
Treatment planning for Nasopharyngeal cancer.
Associate Professor (Physiotherapy)
eMail icon
3468 6670

Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Medicine and Rehabilitation, Work Disability Management and Prevention, Osteoporosis and Vertebral Column Fracture

Dr. Lawla Lan Fong LAW Associate Professor (Occupational Therapy) eMail icon 3468 6737 Cognitive functions and cognitive rehabilitation, Problem solving abilities and everyday functions.
Associate Professor (Occupational Therapy)
eMail icon
3468 6725
Occupational therapy theories, Developmental disabilities, Human development across lifespan, Research studies for Capstone projects.
Dr. Calvin Chi Kong YIP Associate Professor (Occupational Therapy) eMail icon 3468 6780 Physical Rehabilitation, Cognitive rehabilitation, Psychometric development and quantitative research.
Associate Professor (Medical Laboratory Science)
3190 6626
Photodynamic Therapy for in vitro and in vivo drug-resistant cancer models, Mechanistic studies of herbal extracts for cancers and pathogens, Laboratory investigation of haematological disorders.
Dr. Ricky Wing Kei WU Associate Professor (Biomedical Science) eMail icon 3190 6713 Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for prevalent cancers and pathogens, Cancer Biology, Infectious diseases
Assistant Professor
3468 6656
Aging, Human memory, Cognitive rehabilitation
Assistant Professor
3190 6784
Assistant Professor
3190 6732
Learning and memory, Postnatal development of vestibular system
Assistant Professor
3725 6202
Pediatrics, Geriatrics and Psychiatry
Assistant Professor
3190 6738
Neuroendocrinology, Food Safety, Public Health and related Community Health issues, Infection Control
Senior Lecturer eMail icon
3190 6785
Blood Banking
Assistant Professor
3468 6821
Zoonotic Diseases, Viral Diseases, Dengue Virus, Breast cancer pathology, Bacterial wound infection
Dr. Rachel Lai Chu KWAN Assistant Professor eMail icon 3725 6235  
Senior Lecturer eMail icon
3190 6766
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, electrotherapy, women’s health, lymphedema management, cancer rehabilitation
Senior Lecturer
3468 6707
Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Sexuality and Disability, Counseling and Mental Health Literacy Research
Senior Lecturer
3190 6712
Chinese Medicine, Public Health including insomnia and dysnmenorrhea
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
3190 6676
Anatomical Pathology & Cytopathology, Medical Laboratory Safety, Medical Laboratory Management
Senior Lecturer
3468 6704
OT for children with special needs, Child development, Assistive technology for people with disability, Neuro-rehabilitation
eMail icon
3468 6877
Forensic science, fingerprints development
Ms. Eva Yi Wah CHEUNG
Senior Lecturer
3468 6863
Senior Clinical Associate
3190 6668
Rehabilitation, Exercise science
Senior Clinical Associate
3725 6238
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Electrotherapy.
Senior Clinical Associate
3468 6718
Senior Clinical Associate
3190 6788
Occupational Therapy Theories, Analysis of Occupational Performance, Developmental Disabilities, Human Development Across Lifespan, Early Childhood Socio-emotional Development
Ms. Candy WONG
Senior Clinical Associate
3468 6818
Senior Clinical Associate
3468 6740
Psychosocial intervention and counseling for people with mental illness, Psychiatric vocational rehabilitation
Senior Clinical Associate
eMail icon
3725 6240
Ms. Annie Man Sum WU Senior Clinical Associate eMail icon 3725 6236  
Mr. Eyckle Chun Ho WONG Senior Clinical Associate eMail icon 3725 6237  
Dr. Sam Kit San YUEN Senior Lecturer eMail icon 3468 6641  
Mr. NGAI Yuk Keung Senior Clinical Associate eMail icon 3468 6861  

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