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Prof. Sylvia Yuk Kuen FUNG
 Contact Information
Tel : 3190 6698
Email : sylviafung@twc.edu.hk
Prof. Fung has started off her teaching role in school of nursing from 1985 before moving into management posts from 1991 and is the ex-Chief Nurse of Hospital Authority (HA) taking charge of 21,000 nurses. As the top nurse leader in Hospital Authority, she has explored and advanced the nursing career progression ladder as well as improving the practice environment of nurses. During her offices in the Nursing & Midwifery Councils, she has contributed to the publication of the first Code of Practice & Professional Conduct for Nurses of Hong Kong and the Framework for Post-registration Education of Midwives. 
Prof. Fung is a leader in many professional associations and government consultative committees locally and internationally, including former member of Elderly Commission of Hong Kong and former Asia-Pacific Representative board member of International Confederation of Midwives, and is now a member of the Council on Human Reproductive Technology of Hong Kong and the International Observer Trustee of the Commission for Foreign Nursing Graduates in the United States.
In 2005, Prof. Fung was the first nurse in Hong Kong being awarded the prestigious Florence Nightingale Medal by the International Red Cross for her commitment and contribution to nursing services and mankind. In 2013, she was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star Medal by the Hong Kong SAR Government for her dedicated services to the healthcare of Hong Kong.
Honorary Doctor in Health Sciences, The American University (Cyprus) 
Master in Health & Hospital Management, University of Birmingham (UK) 
Master in Business Administration, University of Leicester (UK) 
Diploma in Education (Nursing), Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
Certificate in Midwifery, School of Midwifery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital 
Certificate in Nursing, School of Nursing, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Professional Qualifications / Memberships:
Registered Nurse 
Registered Midwives 
Registered Nurse teacher 
Fellow (Australian College of Health Services Executive) 
Fellow (American Academy of Nursing) 
Fellow (Hong Kong Academy of Nursing)
Teaching Areas:
Nursing Management
Health Services Management
Representative Publications / Projects :
Publications (Recent 5 years)
(1)    馮玉娟.(2015).護士職業精神的養成.中國護理管理雜誌, 15(8):897-899. 
(2)    FUNG, Y.K.S. (2014). Present and Future Roles - Nursing, in Community Care in Hong Kong - Current Practices, Practice-based Studies and Future Direction, edited by Tong K.W. & Fong, K.N.K., City University of Hong Kong. 
(3)    馮玉娟. (2014). 符合臨床需求的護理專業與管理人才培訓, 中國護理管理雜誌, 14(12),1236-1239. 
(4)    馮玉娟.醫院護理文化的建設,(2013).中國護理管理雜誌, 13(12):4-5. 
(5)    LEE. D.T.F., CHAIR, S.Y., FUNG, S., (2014). A qualitative study on the roles and responsibilities of nurse consultants in Hong Kong, International Journal of Nursing Practice, Vol. 20, Issue 5, 475-481 
(6)    CHAN, C.W.H., CHAN, D., FUNG, S., (2013). The impact on patient health and service outcomes of introducing nurse consultants : a historically matched controlled study, BMC Health Services Research, 13:431. 
(7)    CHAN, E.A., JONES, A., FUNG, S., WU, S.C., (2012). Nurses’ Perception off time availability in patient communication in Hong Kong, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Vol 21, Issue 7-8, 1168-1177.
Conference Presentation Papers (Recent 4 years) 
(1) FUNG, S. (2017). Panel chairman, 2017 Leadership Summit, International Council of Nurses, Philadelphia, 19 September 2017.
(2) 馮玉娟.(2017). 连续性助产新发展, The Annual Scientific Meeting of Zhejiang Midwifery Association, HangZhou, 21 October 2017.
(3) FUNG, S. (2017). CQI Conference, “Passion in Care”, New Territories West Cluster, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, 22 November 2017
(4)    馮玉娟.(2015). 護理在災害事件的統籌角色, 1st CNA Conference on ICN Framework of Disaster Nursing Competencies, Shanghai, August 2015. 
(5)    SHAFFER, F., FUNG, S., ZHANG, Q., TO-DUTKA, J., (2015) Global Standards, Local Efforts : A Practical Model for Improving Nursing Education in China, ICN Regional Congress, Korea, June 2015. 
(6)    馮玉娟. (2015).醫學教育如何與臨床相配合, 第三屆中英國際護理管理學術會議,北京,六月,2015 
(7)    馮玉娟. (2015).護士職業精神的養成, 中國護理管理大會,雲南,五月,2015 
(8)    馮玉娟. (2015).產房安全與持續性品質改進, 中國助產士發展論壇,杭州,五月,2015 
(9)    馮玉娟. (2015).符合現今醫院管理的人才培訓, 雲南護理管理論壇,雲南,四月,2015 
(10)    馮玉娟. (2015).符合臨床需求的護理專業與管理人才培訓, 北京護理工作者協會護理管理論壇,北京,四月,2015 
(11)    馮玉娟. (2014).符合臨床需求的護理專業與管理人才培訓, 中國護理管理大會,西安,九月,2014 
(12)    馮玉娟. (2014).從成效到熱情, 推行護理質量持續改善研討會,深圳,十月,2014 
(13)    FUNG, Y.K.S. (2014). Pursuing Excellence in Integrated Care : Why and How, Alexandra Health Forum, Singapore, Nov.2014 
(14)    FITZPATRICK J., PORTER, C., FUNG, S., CHAN, S., TIWARI, A. (2013). “Academic service partnership model : Improving quality care and nurse involvement in acute care hospitals”, Presentation Paper, Congress of International Council of Nurses, May 2013 
(15)    FUNG, S., (2013). Building Magnetism in Hospital – Local Perspective, Presentation Paper, Hospital Authority Convention
Research Interests:
Professional Competence and Workforce Planning 
Practice Environment & Development
Community Participation and Achievement:
Community Participation 
2017 - Present : Member, Council on Human Reproductive Technology
2013 – Present : International Trustee Member, Commission on Graduates from Foreign Nursing Schools (USA)
2012 – Present : Member, Industry Training Advisory Committee – Elderly Care Services (Education Bureau)
2006 – Present : Member, Hong Kong Red Cross, Committee of Health & Care Services 
2017 – Outstanding Alumni Award, awarded by School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2014 - Leader of the Year, awarded by SingTao Newscorp 
2013 - Bronze Bauhinia Star, awarded by The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China 
2012 - Outstanding Contributor Award, awarded by The Hong Kong Hospital Authority Head Office 
2005 - Florence Nightingale Medal, awarded by The International Red Cross 
2004 - Outstanding Staff Award, awarded by The Hong Kong Hospital Authority

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