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Application for MonsoonSim Enterprise Resource Management Competition (MERMC) HK 2021

Dear Students,


Creative Talent Asia Ltd. (Cretasia) provides enterprise resource management simulation learning and gamification platform which is called MonsoonSim for educational and corporate training purpose. (please see the attached Introduction Leaflet & ppt for details)

In 2019, Cretasia successfully organized a first HK Inter-varsity MERMC competition and an International MERMC Grand Final competition. Students in teams of 5 were required to run virtual companies by operating together different Depts that include Finance, Retail, Marketing, Forecast, Logistic, B2B, E-Commerce, Production, Maintenance, MRP, Human Resource & Service to compete with one another in the same market to achieve the highest business KPI targets. In this event, HK students had the chance to compete with those from other regional countries like China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia in June and August respectively in The HK Polytechnic University.

Last year, Despite the COVID pandemic situation, the organiser still successfully carried out the HK Inter-varsity competition ONLINE with nearly 150 students (in 30 teams) who were come from 9 Universities in HK.

In coming Jun 2021, Creative Talent Asia Ltd. will have the MERMC HK 2021 Online Competition. Apart from Inter-varsity competition (To be held on Jun 12, 2021), we will also arrange the first-time MERMC HK Online Competition for other Higher Education Institutions (To be held on Jun 19, 2021). (Please see the attached Competition Poster (for QR code Scan) & application form for Student Enrolment)

For those students who may want to experience the fun of this interesting business simulation game in the first place (especially for beginners) , could join the Experience Workshop – Sneakers Retailing & E-Commerce Business to get a raw taste of what it would be like to engage in business decision making and come up with various strategies before being determined to join the MERMC Competition if interested afterwards. (Please see the attached Experience Workshop Poster (for QR code Scan) & application form for Student Enrolment).

The participation of all Experience Workshops and Competitions, including all the training and practice sessions for the competition are free of charge. And there will be Winning Trophies and Cash Awards (from organizational sponsorship) for the Winning Teams and Participating Certificates for all participants in MERMC HK 2021 Competition. Top Winning Teams will be qualified to represent HK to join the International Online MERMC 2021 in Aug 2021 (TBC). (Please see the attached Enrolment Notice)

Without the utmost support of all the Universities and Higher Education Institutions, the event must not be successful for the benefits of students. And your prompt attention of this event by encouraging your students to join is highly appreciated.


Should you have further queries, please feel free to contact Cretasia at +852 6887 8854.


Best regards,

Student Affairs Office

Tung Wah College

Email: sao@twc.edu.hk

Tel: +852 3190 6660

Fax: +852 3585 2675

Website: www.twc.edu.hk/sao

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twcsao/

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