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Prof. Doris Pui Wah CHENG
Contact Information
Office : MKA 1701
Tel : 3468 6730
Doris Cheng Pui Wah is the Professor of Early childhood Education of the Tung Wah College. She was the ex-centre director of childhood research and innovation at the Education University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Institute of Education). Her research and publications focuses on early childhood curriculum and pedagogy including teaching and learning through play, the impact of play on children and the role and professional development of early childhood teachers. She publishes widely on early childhood education especially on the teaching and learning through play and is an advocate of play. Recently, Doris is appointed as the honorary senior research fellow of the Hong Kong Policy Institute and the honorary research fellow of the Center for Chinese Family Studies in the Asia-Pacific Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Internationally, Doris has been active in promoting play. In 2004, she was invited to be an overseas consultant in a ‘Play and Learning’ project at the University of Cambridge, U.K.. Currently, she becomes one of the core team members in a Global Research & Innovation Network on Learning through Play and is involved in the Netherland’s NUFFIC project on the capability building of early childhood education in Bangladesh which includes, the training of the trainers on early childhood education and the building up of play labs in Bangladesh, Uganda and Tanzania.
PhD, University of Bath, U.K. 2003 Master of Education, The University of Hong Kong, 1996 (with distinction)
B.A. (Education), University of Hull, U.K. 1984 Teacher’s Certificate, Sir Robert Black College of Education, H.K. 1977
Teaching Areas:
Children’s Play and Learning
Critical Issues in Contemporary Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogy
Representative Publications / Projects :
Vong, P.K.I.; Cheng, P.W.D.; Wu, H.P. Kam, C.C. S.; Liu, K. (2017). Effects of High-Activity and High Energy Play vs. Low-Activity and Low-Energy On Hong Kong Preschool Boys and Girls’ Creativity. Creativity Education, 08 (15), DOI: 10.4236
Wong, Y.P., Cheng, P.W..D., & Leung, E.Y. (2016). Implementing Smoking Prevention Education in Early Childhood: Views from Parents and Early Childhood Educators. Education & Health, 34(3).
Wang, Z. L., Wong, R. K. S., Wong, Y. H., Ho, F. C., & Cheng, D. P. W*. (2016). Children’s negotiation strategy in play and cognitive and emotional theory of mind: A Hong Kong perspective. Early Child Development and Care
Cheng, P.W.D. (2015). Enhancing quality Childhood Education: Views from International Perspectives (Call for paper for the Special Issue). 105 (5) p.848-85. Early Child Development and Care. DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2015.1021146
Cheng, P.W. D; Reunamo, J.; Cooper, P.; Liu, C.Y. K and Vong, P. K.I.(2015). Children’s Agentive Orientations in Play-based and Academic-focused Preschools in Hong Kong. Early Child Development and Care. DOI: 1080/03004430.2015.1028400
Lau, Y.H. & Cheng, P.W.D. (2014). An Exploration of Hong Kong Kindergarten-aged Children’s Participation in Extracurricular Activities. Journal of Early Childhood Research. 1-16
Cheng, P. W. D. (2012b). The Relation between Early Childhood Teachers’ Conceptualization of “Play” and Their Practice: Implication for the Process of Learning to Teach. Frontiers of Education in China, 7(1), 65-84).
Fung, K. H. C., & Cheng, P.W. D. (2012a). Consensus or Dissensus? Stakeholders’ views on Learning through Play. Early Years: An International Journal of Research and Development. 32(1), 17-33.
Lau, G.., & Cheng, P. W. D. (2011b). Learning Through Play in the ECE Classroom: Myth or Reality? Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 9(2), 27-43.
Wong, S. M., Wang, Z., & Cheng, P. W. D. (2011a). A Play-Based Curriculum: Hong Kong Children’s Perception of ‘Play’ and ‘Non-Play’. The International Journal of Learning, 17(10), 165-180.
Cheng, P. W. D. (2010). Exploring the tactfulness of implementing play in the classroom: A Hong Kong Experience. Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 38(1), 69-82.
Books and Chapters in Books
Reunamo, J., Ko, J., Cheng, D., Lee, H-C., Wang, L-C. & Salminen, E. (2016). Openness and agency as strategies on addressing bullying. In O. Saracho (Ed.) Contemporary research on bullying in early childhood education. IAP Publishing: USA.


Cheng, P.W.D., C.K.J. Lee, J. Choy (2014), Exploring and Implementing an evidence-based “3C” curriculum (with video). Hong Kong: Centre for Childhood Research and Innovation, HKIEd (Chinese)

Cheng, P.W.D. and Wu, S. C. (2013) Serious learners or serious players? Revisiting the concept of learning through play in Hong Kong and German classrooms. In Lillemyr, O.F., Dockett, S. & Perry, B (Ed.) Varied Perspectives of play and learning: Theory and research on early years’ education (188-204). Charlotte, USA: Information Age Publication Company.

Cheng, P. W. D. (2011c). Learning through Play in Hong Kong: Policy or Practice? In S. Rogers (Ed.), Rethinking play and pedagogy in early childhood education: Concepts, contexts and cultures. 100-111, London: Routledge.


Significant Reports

Cheng, P.W.D. (2015). A three year-Review Report of the Centre for Childhood Research and Innovation in the Hong Kong Institute of Education January, 2015.

Cheng, P. W. D. (2014). Play, Learning and Narratives Studies (PLaNS) Project: Phase II Review of the PLaNs project in Cambridge University,U.K. funded by LEGO Education Foundation

Three Reports to the Central Policy Unit of Hong Kong from the Public Policy Research Grant, they are:

Cheng, P. W. D., Ho, F. K. C., Lau, W. C. G., & Benson, P. (2010). Exemplars of best practices and guidelines for child-centred, play-based pedagogy in Hong Kong: Making a difference to quality early childhood education. (Third report of the Public Policy Research Project-Enhancing the Quality of Learning and Teaching in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education: Meeting the Challenges of the New Policy)

Cheng, P. W. D., Ho, F. K.C., Lau, W. C. G., & Benson, P. (2009). Play-based pedagogy in early childhood classrooms in Hong Kong and its impact on quality education. (Second report of the Public Policy Research Project-Enhancing the Quality of Learning and Teaching in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education: Meeting the Challenges of the New Policy)

Cheng, P. W. D., Ho, F. K.C., Lau, W. C. G., & Benson, P. (2008). The Implementation of Play-Based Pedagogy: Views from Hong Kong and International Perspectives. (First report of the Public Policy Research Project-Enhancing the Quality of Learning and Teaching in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education: Meeting the Challenges of the New Policy)

Report to the Institute of Education for the Development of New Certificate ECE Programme:

Kwong-Lee, W. Y. M., Tse-Chan, P. W., & Chan-Cheng, P. W. D. (1998). Contextual Analysis for the Development of the Pre-service Certificate Course of ECE, School of Early Childhood Education, HKIEd.

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