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General Education Curriculum (for students admitted in 2018/2019 and thereafter)
I. Knowledge Area of GE Courses

All GE courses are categorised according to the following FOUR knowledge areas:

Area 1: Self and Interpersonal Development - To engage students in understanding oneself, develop their critical and creative thinking skills for problem solving, and nurture them with effective strategies to communicate with others;

Area 2: Civic, Moral Values and Culture - To broaden students’ horizon with immersion to global cultures, develop students’ ethical mind, and furnish them with the ways to be an active member and a responsible citizen in the community;

Area 3: Arts and Humanities - To inspire students’ with understanding about the connection between human and the society, and enrich students aesthetic literacy through the appreciation of films, art and literature;

Area 4: Science and Technology - To equip students with scientific, information and technological literacy and encourage them to explore and be innovative in the rapidly-changing environment.

II. Fulfillment of GE Knowledge Area Requirement

For academic programmes with 4 or more GE electives, students will be required to take at least one GE course in each knowledge area.

For academic programmes with fewer than 4 GE electives, all GE electives taken should be in different knowledge areas and at least one is from “Arts and Humanities” (Area 3) or “Science and Technology” (Area 4).

III. List of GE Courses

Area 1: Self and Interpersonal Development

Course Title QF
1 GEA1205 Understanding and Motivating Self 4 ARH
2 GEA1206 Communication 4 ARH
3 GEA1211 Elementary Logic and Critical Thinking 4 ARH
4 GEA1212 Resilience, Creativity and Life Skills 4 ARH
5 GEA1213 Social and Emotional Well-being 4 ARH
6 GEA1306 Interpersonal Relationship and Team Work 4 ARH
7 GEA3301 Psychology and Daily Life 5 ARH


Area 2: Civic, Moral Values and Culture

Course Title QF
1 GEB1202 Ethics and Law 4 ARH
2 GEB1303 Popular Culture and Modern Society 4 ARH
3 GEB1304 The Development and Operation of Non-profit Organizations 4 ARH
4 GEB1305 China and The World 4 ARH
5 GEB1308 Chinese and Western Modes of Thoughts 4 ARH
6 GEB1310 Chinese History and Culture 4 ARH
7 GEB1313 Politics and Current Affairs 4 ARH
8 GEB3202 Life and Death 5 ARH
9 GEB3310 Exploring Global Cultures 5 ARH


Area 3: Arts and Humanities

Course Title QF
1 GEC1101 Readings in Chinese Classical Poetry and Essays 4 ARH
2 GEC1102 Interpreting Art 4 ARH
3 GEC1103 Exploring Musical Traditions 4 ARH
4 GEC1302 World Religions 4 ARH
5 GEC1311 Media and Everyday Life 4 ARH
6 GEC1312 Philosophy and Life 4 ARH
7 GEC2101 Film Appreciation 4 ARH
8 GEC2104 Hong Kong Literature and Film 4 ARH
9 GEC3101 Hong Kong Literature in Context 5 ARH
10 GEC3201 Confucian Humanism: Essence of the Classics 5 ARH


Area 4: Science and Technology

Course Title QF
1 GED1008 Introduction to Statistics 4 ARH
2 GED1402 Nutrition, Food and Disease in Global Perspectives 4 HMS
3 GED1404 Introduction to Graphic Design and Digital Imaging 4 ARH
4 GED1405 Computing in Everyday Life 4 ARH
5 GED2005 Information Technology and Multimedia Applications 4 ARH
6 GED3402 Major Breakthroughs in Science and Technology 5 ARH

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