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MTR student travel scheme
MTR Student Travel Scheme
The MTR Corporation will continue to offer concessionary MTR fares to eligible full time students of Tung Wah College in the 2018/2019 academic year.
  • Full-time student aged 25 or below.
  • Full-time day course: a day-time course which requires the student to receive not less than 20 hours of academic instruction each week for 30 weeks or more in an academic year.
Students who wish to enjoy the concessionary MTR fares under the MTR Student Travel Scheme (the Scheme) are required to use Personalized Octopus. If you are aged 12 to 25 and do not possess Personalized Octopus, you may apply for one with “Student Status” for the start of this coming academic year.
Application fee for personalized Octopus with “Student Status”: HK$90 including:
  • HK$50 refundable Octopus deposit
  • HK$20 non-refundable handling fee charged by Octopus Cards Limited
  • HK$20 administration fee levied for MTR Student Travel Scheme
Students entering or studying at Tung Wah College in the 2018/2019 academic year who already carry Personalized Octopus with “Student Status” should renew the “Student Status” on your Octopus to continue enjoying student concessionary MTR fares as the validity of the “Student Status” will expire on 31 October 2018. If your “Student Status” is not activated/renewed, full adult fares will be deducted from your Octopus from 1 November 2018 onwards.
Administration fee for Activation/Renewal of “Student Status” on a Personalized Octopus: HK$20
Application Procedures
  1. A counter will be set up on Jetso Day (6-7 September 2018) at 20/F, KPC to distribute and endorse the application form. Please bring along your student card and photo (no personalized octopus with “ student status” before) for endorsement.
  2. Collect and submit the application form to SAO (19/F, KPC) for endorsement after Jetso Day (6-7 September 2018). Forms can also be downloaded via www.mtr.com.hk
  3. Students should then submit the endorsed application forms to MTR Customer Service Centre.

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