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  • What is the different between Export (backup) & Archive?
    - When you use Export, you create a copy of the items in a Personal Folder file (.pst). Current email still keep in mailbox.
    - When you use Archive, you move the items to a .pst file. Archive removes them from your current mailbox.
  • How to Export (backup) my email?
    - Open Microsoft Outlook
    - Click the [FILE] tab
    - click [Open & Export]
    - click [Import/Export]
    - Select a “Folder” to export. / Select “Email address” to export all email
    - Select [Include subfolders] and click [Next]
    - Under Save exported file as, click [Browse], and then specify a name and location for your backup file.
  • How to archive my email?
    - Open Microsoft Outlook
    - Click the [HOME] tab
    - click [New Items]
    - [More Items]
    - [Outlook Data Files…]
    - In the [Create or Open Outlook Data File] dialog box, enter the File name and select the location to save. (For better security, password protect is recommended)
    - After created, move the email / folder into the “ArchiveFolder”
  • How to set up automatics replies? (Out Of Office / Vacation Notice)
    - Open Microsoft Outlook
    - click “File” tab, select “Automatic Replies” from “Info”
    - enable “Send automatic replies” for “Inside My Organization” & “Outside My Organization”
  • What is the Office 365 Clutter* feature?
    - Clutter is an email filtering option available to Office 365. It moves less important email into “Clutter” folder.
  • How to enable or disable “Clutter” feature?
    1. Sign in to Outlook on the web
    2. On the navigation bar, go to Settings Settings > Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter.
    3. Turn on Clutter: select check box of “Separate items identified as Clutter” > Save
    4. Turn off Clutter: uncheck all check box > save

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