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New E-book List (January 2022)

TERMS OF USE: The licensed electronic resources provided by the Library are for the educational and research use of students and staff only. Commercial use, systematic or excessive downloading, or redistribution of electronic information outside of the College is prohibited. Violations can result in suspension of access to the e-resource concerned for the entire College.
Book Information
Frey, Nancy, 1959- author ; Fisher, Douglas, 1965- author ; Smith, Dominique author
ASCD, 2019
Thomas, Howard, 1943- editor ; Joshi, Havovi, 1969- editor
Routledge, 2022
Volkmar, Fred R. editor ; Chawarska, Katarzyna editor
The Guilford Press, 2020
Marques, Joan editor
Routledge, 2022
Jones, Mark A. author ; Rivett, Darren A. author
Elsevier, 2019
Hickey, Ellen M. (Ellen Mary) editor ; Bourgeois, Michelle S. editor
Routledge, 2018
Gaines, Kristi author ; Bourne, Angela author ; Pearson, Michelle, 1987- author ; Kleibrink, Mesha author
Routledge, 2016
Kwon, Sunkyo editor
Springer Publishing Company, 2017
Durlak, Joseph A. editor ; Domitrovich, Celene E. editor ; Weissberg, Roger P., 1951- editor ; Gullotta, Thomas P., 1948- editor
The Guilford Press, 2015
Li, Daba author
City University of Hong Kong Press, 2021
Dettmer, Philipp author
Random House, 2021
Falvo, Donna R. author ; Holland, Beverley E. author
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2018
McKay, Matthew author ; Davis, Martha, 1947- author ; Fanning, Patrick author
New Harbinger Publications, 2018
Ross, Brian Dale editor ; Gambhir, Sanjiv Sam editor
Academic Press, 2021
Landreth, Garry L. author ; Sweeney, Daniel S. author ; Ray, Dee C. author ; Homeyer, Linda author ; Glover, Geraldine J. author
Jason Aronson, 2010
Houston, Susan M. (Susan Murphy) author
Routledge, 2022
Isbell, Christy author ; Isbell, Rebecca T. author
Gryphon House, 2007
Delaney, Tara author
Sourcebooks, 2008
Flippo, Tara, 1972- author
Rowman & Littlefield, 2016
Gueldner, Barbara A. author ; Feuerborn, Laura L. author ; Merrell, Kenneth W. author ; Weissberg, Roger P., 1951- writer of foreword
The Guilford Press, 2020
Newbold, Paul author ; Carlson, William L. (William Lee), 1938- author ; Thorne, Betty author
Pearson, 2020
王朕乂 author
清文華泉事業有限公司, 2020
王秀紅 author, editor
華杏, 2020
蔣立琦 author
永大書局, 2020
莊正宏 author ; 黃晉修 author ; 詹恭巨 author ; 趙文婉 author
五南圖書, 2021
謝春蘭 author
永大書局, 2021
蔡宏津 author, editor ; 馮明珠 author, editor ; 李禎祥 author, editor ; 盧柏樑 author, editor
華杏, 2020
于博芮 author, editor
華杏, 2020
馮容芬 author, editor
華杏, 2020
許伊妃 author
時報文化, 2020
洪麗專 author
永大書局, 2020
三枝聖, 1971- author ; 林信帆 translator
大是文化, 2019
楠欣 author
羅達文創, 2020

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