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New E-book List (March 2022)

TERMS OF USE: The licensed electronic resources provided by the Library are for the educational and research use of students and staff only. Commercial use, systematic or excessive downloading, or redistribution of electronic information outside of the College is prohibited. Violations can result in suspension of access to the e-resource concerned for the entire College.
Book Information
Liguori, Gary, 1965- editor ; Feito, Yuri, 1978- editor ; Fountaine, Charles (Charles James), editor ; Roy, Brad editor
Wolters Kluwer, 2021
Moglia, Paul editor
Grey House Publishing, 2019
Bechky, Beth, 1970- author
Princeton University Press, 2020
Robertson, David, 1947- editor ; Williams, Gordon H. editor
Academic Press, 2017
Hill, Robert D. editor ; Bäckman, Lars editor ; Neely, Anna Stigsdotter editor
Oxford University Press, 2000
Mooney, Carla, 1970- author
ReferencePoint Press, 2022
Innes, Anthea author ; Calvert, Lesley author ; Bowker, Gail author
Routledge, 2021
Buratovich, Michael A. editor
Salem Press, 2020
Hopwood, Christopher J., 1976- editor ; Mulay, Abby L. editor ; Waugh, Mark H. editor
Routledge, 2019
Murphy-Shigematsu, Stephen author
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2018
Bonder, Bette editor ; Dal Bello-Haas, Vanina editor
F.A. Davis Company, 2018
Craven, Ruth F. editor ; Hirnle, Constance J. editor ; Henshaw, Chris editor
Wolters Kluwer, 2021
Brooker, Robert J. author
McGraw-Hill Education, 2021
Long, Toby M. author ; Battaile, Britta author ; Toscano, Kathy author
Wolters Kluwer, 2019
Donally, Jaime author
International Society for Technology in Education, 2021
McMullen, Mary Benson, 1958- author ; Brody, Dylan author
National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2022
Marquis, Bessie L. author ; Huston, Carol Jorgensen author
Wolters Kluwer, 2021
Rogow, Faith, 1958- author
National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2022
Shumway-Cook, Anne, 1947- author ; Woollacott, Marjorie H., 1946- author ; Rachwani, Jaya author ; Santamaria, Victor author
Wolters Kluwer, 2023
Kendall, Florence Peterson, 1910-2006 author
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005
Jacobs, MaryLynn A. editor ; Austin, Noelle M. editor
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2022
Buratovich, Michael A. editor
Salem Press, 2020
Golan, David E. editor ; Armstrong, Ehrin J. editor ; Armstrong, April W. editor
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2017
Laake, Petter, 1947- editor ; Benestad, Haakon Breien, 1940- editor ; Olsen, Bjørn Reino, 1940- editor
Academic Press, 2015
Lynn, Pamela (Pamela Barbara), 1961- author
Wolters Kluwer, 2019
Spearing, Elena McKeogh editor ; Pelletier, Eric S. editor ; Drnach, Mark editor
Wolters Kluwer, 2022
Khuntia, Jiban, 1974- editor ; Ning, Xue, 1986- editor ; Tanniru, Mohan R. editor
Medical Information Science Reference, 2020
Adams, Cynthia H., 1948-, author ; Jones, Peter D., M.D., author
McGraw-Hill, 2011
Draper, David O. author ; Knight, Kenneth L. author ; Jutte, Lisa S. author
Wolters Kluwer, 2021
Thomas, Amanda (Math professor) author
International Society for Technology in Education, 2019
McMillan, Ian R. author ; Carin-Levy, Gail author
John Wiley and Sons, 2012
Allen, John, 1957- author
ReferencePoint Press, Incorporated, 2022
Huddleston, Emma author
BrightPoint Press, an imprint of ReferencePoint Press, Incorporated, 2020

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