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New E-book List (May 2022)

TERMS OF USE: The licensed electronic resources provided by the Library are for the educational and research use of students and staff only. Commercial use, systematic or excessive downloading, or redistribution of electronic information outside of the College is prohibited. Violations can result in suspension of access to the e-resource concerned for the entire College.
Book Information
White, Mark (Educator) author
Corwin, 2022
Zwiers, Jeff author ; Soto, Ivannia author
Corwin, 2017
Ray, Dee C. author
Routledge, 2011
Shi, Yong author
Springer, 2022
Al-Turjman, Fadi editor
Springer, 2021
Ratten, Vanessa editor ; Jones, Paul, 1967 September 22- editor ; Braga, Vitor editor ; Parra-López, Eduardo editor
Emerald Publishing Limited, 2022
Broemeling, Lyle D., 1939- author
CRC Press, 2021
Hassanien, Aboul Ella editor ; Dey, Nilanjan, 1984- editor ; Elghamrawy, Sally editor
Springer, 2020
Baddi, Youssef editor ; Gahi, Youssef editor ; Maleh, Yassine, 1987- editor ; Alazab, Mamoun, 1980- editor. ; Tawalbeh, Loai editor
Springer, 2022
Rosales Mendoza, Sergio editor ; Comas García, Mauricio editor ; González-Ortega, Omar editor
Academic Press, 2022
Gibson, Kathleen Rita editor ; Petersen, Anne C. editor
Routledge, 2017
Rezaee, Zabihollah, 1953- author
Business Expert Press, 2021
Oham, Charles author
IGI Global, 2022
Snair, Megan author ; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (U.S.). Forum for Children’s Well-Being: Promoting Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health for Children and Youth.
National Academies Press, 2020
Shambaugh, David L. editor
Oxford University Press, 2020
Zhan, Zehui, 1983- author ; Huo, Liming, 1996- author ; Yao, Xiao, 1995- author ; Zhong, Baichang, 1978- author
Routledge, 2022
Isaacson, Walter author
Simon & Schuster, 2021
Franek, Robert author ; Princeton Review (Firm)
Penguin Random House, 2020
Rezaee, Zabihollah, 1953- author
Business Expert Press, 2021
Ratten, Vanessa editor
Routledge, 2021
Daiker, Mara L. editor ; Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society issuing body
Productivity Press, 2021
Mariani, Maria C. author ; Tweneboah, Osei Kofi, 1988- author ; Beccar-Varela, Maria Pia author
Wiley, 2022
Vicari, Stefania author
Routledge, 2021
Contino, Richard M., 1941- author ; Holt, Penelope J. author
Business Expert Press, 2021
Adair, Bill, 1963- author
Corwin, 2019
Coughlin, Steven S. (Steven Scott), 1957- editor ; Dawson, Angus editor
Oxford University Press, 2021
Fitchett, George, 1948- editor ; White, Kelsey B. editor ; Lyndes, Kathryn editor
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018
Melo-Martín, Inmaculada de author ; Intemann, Kristen author
Oxford University Press, 2018
Borrell, Brendan Jonathan author
Mariner Books, 2021
Forchuk, Cheryl editor
Routledge, 2021
Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond editor ; Dehghantanha, Ali editor
Springer, 2021
Mervio, Mika Markus, 1961- editor
IGI Global, 2022
Wheatley, Daniel, 1982- editor ; Hardhill, Irene editor ; Buglass, Sarah, 1979- editor
IGI Global, 2021
Di Leo, Jeffrey R. author
Routledge, 2022
Geiger, Susi editor
Oxford University Press, 2021
Barnhill, Anne author ; Bonotti, Matteo author
Oxford University Press, 2022
Puddifoot, Katherine author
Oxford University Press, 2021
Alessi, Charles author ; Chambers, Larry W. (Larry William), 1946- author ; Gray, J. A. Muir (John Armstrong Muir) author
Oxford University Press, 2021
Schulkin, Jay editor ; Power, Michael L. editor
Oxford University Press, 2020
Longo, Shawna author ; Gates, Zachary author
Oxford University Press, 2021
Mullin, Gerard E. editor ; Matarese, Laura E. editor ; Cheskin, Lawrence J. editor
Humana Press, 2014
Easterbrooks, Susan R. author
Oxford University Press, 2021
Tepper, Amy author ; Flynn, Patrick (Patrick W.) author
Corwin, 2020
Civitillo, Renato, 1982- author
Routledge, 2021
Friedman, John author
Business Expert Press, 2020
Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N. editor
Oxford University Press, 2022
Hernandez, Paul (Sociologist) author
Corwin, 2022
Benedetti, F. (Fabrizio) author
Oxford University Press, 2021
Jones, Shirley A. author
F. A. Davis Company, 2022
Thomas, Richard K., 1944- author
Springer, 2021
Atwal, Anita editor
Wiley Blackwell, 2022
Pachana, Nancy A. editor ; Molinari, Victor, 1952- editor ; Thompson, Larry W. editor ; Gallagher-Thompson, Dolores editor
Hogrefe Publishing, 2021
Bailey, Simon T. author ; Reilly, Marceta Fleming author
Corwin ; National Association of Secondary School Principals, 2017
Kara, Helen editor ; Khoo, Su-ming editor
Policy Press, 2020
Kara, Helen editor ; Khoo, Su-ming editor
Policy Press, 2020
Kara, Helen editor ; Khoo, Su-ming editor
Policy Press, 2020
Shibuya, Kazuhiko, 1971- author
Springer, 2022
Wang, Gongxian editor ; Zeng, Yu (Nurse) editor ; Sheng, Xia (Of Shanghai Changhai Hospital) editor
Springer ; World Publishing Xi'an Corporation, 2021
Pfannstiel, Mario A editor ; Brehmer, Nataliia editor ; Rasche, Christoph, 1965- editor
Springer, 2022
Bell, Frank (Database specialist) author ; Chirumamilla, Raj author ; Joshi, Bhaskar B. author ; Lindstrom, Bjorn author ; Soni, Ruchi author ; Videkar, Sameer author
Apress, 2022
Suarez, Francisco author ; Biscaia, Jose Miguel author ; Marchena, Miguel author ; Vicente-Tejedor, Javier author
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Gutterman, Alan S., 1955- author
Business Expert Press, 2021
Gutterman, Alan S., 1955- author
Business Expert Press, 2021
Low, Pak Sum editor
Cambridge University Press, 2022
Cooker, Lucy, 1970- author ; Cotton, Tony author ; Toft, Helen author
Routledge, 2022
Paolicelli, Courtney Winston author
Momentum Press Health, 2016
文淵閣工作室 author
碁峰資訊, 2020
全華研究室 author ; 王麗琴 author, editor
全華圖書, 2018
文淵閣工作室 author
碁峰資訊, 2020
馬樂榮 author
高等教育出版社, 2019

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