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Big Data Generation
Art of speaking
Big data can be comprehended through the 3Vs concept: volume, variety, and velocity. For instance, Google gets over 3.5 billion searches and WhatsApp users exchange up to 65 billion messages daily. These data sets are complex and enormous, yet are additionally developed rapidly in a brief period. All these features make the data difficult to be captured, stored, analyzed, and transferred in the traditional manner. The ability to process big data helps to improve customer service, better operational efficiency and better decision making.

As big data is and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in this digital age, it draws wide attention from academia, industries, and governments around the world. How much do you really know about big data?

The latest book display on Big Data Generation comprises books on this topic from different approaches for your reading and borrowing.

From big data to big profits : success with data and analytics Big data : storage, sharing, and security Big data for qualitative research
Data analytics for pandemics : a COVID-19 case study Handbook of big data analytics and forensics Big data analytics and intelligence : a perspective for health care
Big data : 驅動大企業的幕後推手 翻倍效率工作術 : 不會就太可惜的Excel+Power BI大數據視覺圖表設計與分析 Python大數據特訓班 : 資料自動化收集、整理、分析、儲存與應用實戰
All e-books can be remotely accessed off-campus, simply enter your TWC Email Login information for authentication.

Title Call No.
Big data : a revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think QA76.9.D343 M396 2013
Big data : a very short introduction QA76.9.B45 H66 2017
Big data science & analytics : a hands-on approach QA76.9.D32 B34 2016
Big data shocks : an introduction to big data for librarians and information professionals QA76.9.B45 W45 2018
Data-ism : the revolution transforming decision making, consumer behavior, and almost everything else QA76.9.C66 L64 2015
大數據 : 「數位革命」之後, 「資料革命」登場 : 巨量資料掀起生活、工作和思考方式的全面革新 = Big data : a revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think QA76.9.D343 M39612 2013
大數據之醫療運用與人文反省 = The medical application and humanistic reflection in big data R858 .D375 2018
大數據的傲慢與偏見 : 一個「圈內數學家」對演算法霸權的警告與揭發 = Weapons of math destruction : how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy QA76.9.B45 O6412 2016
數據, 謊言與真相 : Google 資料分析師用大數據揭露人們的真面目 = Everybody lies : big data, new data, and what the Internet can tell us about who we really are QA76.9.D343 S647 2017
Advances in big data analytics : theory, algorithms and practices eBook
Advances in clinical immunology, medical microbiology, COVID-19, and big data eBook
Big data : an exploration of opportunities, values, and privacy issues eBook
Big data analytics with Spark and Hadoop eBook
Big data and social science eBook
Big data in medical science and healthcare management : diagnosis, therapy, side effects eBook
Big data intelligence for smart applications eBook
Big data management, technologies, and applications eBook
Big data visualization : learn effective tools and techniques to separate big data into manageable and logical components for efficient data visualization eBook
Data lake development with big data eBook
Data science & big data analytics : discovering, analyzing, visualizing and presenting data eBook
Data science in theory and practice : techniques for big data analytics and complex data sets eBook
Data strategy : how to profit from a world of big data, analytics and the Internet of things eBook
Humanizing big data : marketing at the meeting of data, social science and consumer insight eBook
Learning big data with Amazon Elastic MapReduce eBook
Reality mining : using big data to engineer a better world eBook
Real-time big data analytics : design, process, and analyze large sets of complex data in real time eBook
Research advances in the integration of big data and smart computing eBook
Snowflake essentials : getting started with big data in the cloud eBook
Strategic data-based wisdom in the big data era eBook
The accidental data scientist : big data applications and opportunities for librarians and information professionals eBook
The educational intelligent economy : big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of things in education eBook
The rise of artificial intelligence and big data in pandemic society : crises, risk and sacrifice in a new world order eBook
The use of big data eBook
0門檻0負擔9天秒懂大數據&AI用語! eBook
大數據 : 從基礎理論到最佳實踐 = Big data eBook
大數據. 隱私篇 : 數位時代,「删去」是必要的美德 eBook
大數據@工作力 : 如何運用巨量資料, 打造個人與企業競爭優勢 eBook
大數據時代的無限商機 : 數字資訊化為你帶來爆炸性的錢景! = Big data revolution eBook
就是要Excel 2016必學範例 : 大數據資料整理術 eBook
數據不說謊 : 大數據之下的世界 eBook
面向大規模知識庫的引文推薦技術 eBook

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