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New E-book List (November 2020)

TERMS OF USE: The licensed electronic resources provided by the Library are for the educational and research use of students and staff only. Commercial use, systematic or excessive downloading, or redistribution of electronic information outside of the College is prohibited. Violations can result in suspension of access to the e-resource concerned for the entire College.
Book Information
King, Mary D. author ; Stephenson, John B. P. author
Mac Keith Press, 2009
Whitters, Hazel G. author
Routledge, 2020
Strinati, Dominic author
Routledge, 2004
Dan, Bernard author
Mac Keith Press, 2008
Berberian, Marygrace editor ; Davis, Benjamin editor
Routledge, 2020
Norman, Geoffrey R. author ; Streiner, David L. author
People's Medical Publishing House, 2014
Bruce, Mary Ann author ; Borg, Barbara 1948- author ; Krupa, Terry 1956- editor ; Pitts, Deborah (Assistant professor) editor ; Kirsh, Bonnie 1955- editor ; Fossey, Ellie editor
SLACK Incorporated, 2016
Smith, Fran (Journalist) author ; Himmel, Sheila author
Viva Editions, 2013
Jones, Hefin editor ; Watson, Nick editor
Elsevier, 2018
Frankel, Karen Ann editor ; Harrison, Joyce (Joyce Nolan) editor ; Njoroge, Wanjiku F. M. editor
Springer, 2019
Bradford, Helen author
Routledge, 2009
Wittmer, Donna Sasse author ; Clauson, Deanna W. author
Gryphon House, Incorporated, 2020
Miller, Janet Driscoll 1971- author ; Lim, Julia 1968- author
John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, 2020
International Atomic Energy Agency ; Dance, D. R. editor ; Christofides, Stelios editor ; Maidment, Andrew D. A. editor ; Mclean, I. D. editor ; Ng, K. H. editor
International Atomic Energy Agency, 2014
Horntvedt, Tracy author
F.A. Davis, 2019
Dunn, Rose author
Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 2016
Brady, William 1960- editor ; Lipinski, Michael J. editor ; Darby, Andrew E. editor ; Bond, Michael C. editor ; Charlton, Nathan P. editor ; Hudson, Korin editor ; Williamson, Kelly editor
Wiley-Blackwell, 2021
Kazer, Meredith Wallace author
Springer, 2008
Brown, Sarah Jo author
Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2018
Sullivan, Peter B. editor
Mac Keith Press, 2009
Hull, John 1946- author
Pearson, 2017
Reiter, Kristin L. (Kristin Leanne) author ; Song, Paula H. author
Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 2021
IWoG (Workshop) (2nd : 2019 : Cáceres, Spain) ; Garcia-Alonso, José editor ; Fonseca Martel, César editor
Springer, 2020
Robnett, Regula H. editor ; Brossoie, Nancy editor ; Chop, Walter C. editor
Jones and Barlett Learning, 2020
Hovenga, E. J. S. (Evelyn J. S.) editor ; Kidd, Michael R. 1959- editor ; Garde, Sebastian editor ; Cossio, Carola Hullin Lucay editor
IOS Press, 2010
Satin, David G. editor
Oxford University Press, 2009
Johnson, James A. 1954- editor ; Rossow, Caren C. editor
Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2019
Gapenski, Louis C. author ; Reiter, Kristin L. (Kristin Leanne) author
Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 2016
Sahgal, Arjun 1974- editor ; Lo, Simon S. editor ; Ma, Lijun (Professor of radiation oncology physics) editor ; Sheehan, Jason P. editor
CRC Press, 2016
Cavusgil, S. Tamer author ; Knight, Gary A. author ; Riesenberger, John R. 1948- author
Pearson, 2020
Phillips, Judith (Judith E.) author ; Ajrouch, Kristine J. author ; Hillcoat-Nalletamby, Sarah author
SAGE, 2010
Nettina, Sandra M. editor
Wolters Kluwer, 2019
Larsen, Pamala D. 1947- editor
Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2018
Law, Mary C. editor ; Baum, Carolyn Manville editor ; Dunn, Winnie editor
SLACK Incorporated, 2017
Buckingham, Lela author
F. A. Davis Company, 2019
Moomaw, Sally 1948- author ; Hieronymus, Brenda 1945- author
Redleaf Press, 2020
Nikolaou, Konstantin editor ; Bamberg, Fabian ; Laghi, Andrea ; Rubin, G. D. (Geoffrey D.)
Springer, 2019
International Atomic Energy Agency ; Bailey, Dale L. editor ; Humm, J. L. editor ; Todd-Pokropek, Andrew editor ; Van Aswegen, A. editor
International Atomic Energy Agency, 2014
Dunbar, Sandra Barker 1960- author
SLACK Incorporated, 2007
Bass, Julie D. editor ; Baum, Carolyn Manville editor ; Christiansen, Charles editor
SLACK Incorporated, 2015
Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth author ; Kessler, David 1959- author ; Shriver, Maria writer of foreword
Scribner, 2014
Kuebler, Kim K. author ; Heidrich, Debra E. author ; Esper, Peg author
Saunders/Elsevier, 2007
Erickson, Mia L. author ; Utzman, Ralph 1966- author ; McKnight, Rebecca 1969- author
SLACK Incorporated, 2020
Dendy, P. P. author ; Heaton, B. author
CRC Press, 2012
Mitchell, Richard N. author ; Kumar, Vinay 1944- author ; Abbas, Abul K. author ; Aster, Jon C. author ; Perkins, James A. author
Elsevier, 2017
Sinn, Elizabeth author
Hong Kong University Press, 2003
Chies, Steven author
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2022
Einspieler, Christa author ; Prechtl, Heinz F. R. author ; Bos, Arend F. author ; Ferrari, Fabrizio author ; Cioni, Giovanni author
Mac Keith Press, 2004
Ciccarelli, Saundra K. author ; White, J. Noland author
Pearson, 2018
Maddux, James E. editor ; Winstead, Barbara A. editor
Routledge, 2020
Heath, Amy author
Springer Science+Business Media, 2016
Loizou, Eleni editor ; Recchia, Susan editor
Springer, 2019
Tilmouth, Tina author ; Tilmouth, Simon author
Reflect Press, 2009
Križan, Zlatan editor
Springer, 2019
Verma, J. P. author
Springer, 2019
Griffiths, Fleur editor
Routledge, 2018
Lillemyr, Ole Fredrik author
Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2020
Jogi, Larissa editor ; Umarik, Meril editor ; Pata, Kai editor
Cambridge Scholars Publisher, 2020
Fong, Bernard author ; Fong, A. C. M author ; Li, C. K. (Chi Kwong), 1952- author
Wiley, 2020
Forestieri, Marnie author
Gryphon House, 2020
Rice, Thomas H. author ; Unruh, Lynn author
Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 2016
Boulton, A. J. M. (Andrew James Michael) editor ; Rayman, Gerry editor ; Wukich, Dane K. editor
Wiley, 2020
Bates, Sandra M. author
McGraw-Hill, 2012
Rizzo, Matthew editor ; Anderson, Steven W. editor ; Fritzsch, Bernd editor
Wiley Blackwell, 2018
Laqueur, Thomas Walter author
Princeton University Press, 2015
Olle, David A. author
Mercury Learning and Information, 2020
Kolb, Patricia J. author
Routledge, 2014
Tacgin, Zeynep author
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Das, Hiranmoy editor
Humana Press, 2021

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